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  • Product useful and fun

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Product useful and fun, made from durable plastic and chrome lighter that will give you lots of laughs. His appearance and his laser makes it even more real by making sure your friends squeeze the trigger.
    The product is easy to reload if the gas runs out with a spray can makes butane refilled. This product is able to give a small shock that will make your friends a fright and throw the lighter away.
    Want to give it a lighter shock your friends and make you give lol?? Buy this product!!
  • Have fun

    posted by Kekkis

    The laighter is solid make and my lighter have worked well over a month now. Intresting look gets people to handle this and its only a matter of time when they scream and throw it away.Guite easy to use as ordinary lighter and then loan it to a pal.
    It looks quite nice, so you can leave it on the table and wait someone to pick it up.
    Nice looking lighter with what you can have some fun.
  • very good pranl tpy

    posted by ironchow

    its a very good prank toy, it stings really good! you wont regret having one of this.what i do is if someone use this i tell them they need to pump the trigger so that there will be pressure and it will be easy to light! once they do it boom!
    coud have made the trigger are a bit bigger, also more spring on the trigger.
    good item, buy it just make sure you check the trigger, cause sometimes it got stuck.
  • One of the better pranks on DX

    posted by davidco

    - It has a real lighter in it! Marvelous.
    - You can switch the shocking function off
    - The lighter is refillable
    - The flame is adjustable
    - Despite earlier reviews, I experienced the lighter to be quite believable
    - It's heavy, which adds on to the point above
    If you use it as a regular lighter, you have to constantly check that the shocking is off!
    This is a great prank, and works on most people, as everyone wants to play with your lighter.


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