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  • Worth the price

    posted by sockanasa

    So today is Thanksgiving in the US and I have 6 nephews over in addition to my 3 kids. I slipped this gun into the toy bin a few days ago. When I woke up this morning three nephews were shocked as were my kids and my brother-in-law. It's already paid for itself. 3 more nephews coming in an hour or so... Muu Ha Ha Ha!
    It is small so it looks like a young kid's toy... not one for 11 or 12 year olds. However, having sons, I've found anything can be a gun... even a baby doll if necessary.
    If you can strategically place this with someone likely to try to pull the trigger (kids 10 & under), you'll have some fun.
  • Ok for the price

    posted by Termacam

    Very easy to understand (pull the "candy bar"). Great for the price! Looks like a candy bar and finally no world shock on it!
    Don't use this on people who are 50 & ^ or if they have hear conditions.
    Great for a cheap prank to play on friends, is fun to just hold down and feel your fingers tingeling!
  • Buen producto para hacer bromas

    posted by FaustMunchausen

    -Es un procucto muy bueno para hacer bromas a la gente.-Pega unas descargas del carajo. Como no te lo esperas te pega buen susto :)-Si trabajas en una oficina, te puedes reir una pasada de los incautos :)
    Ninguno de mis compañeros de trabajo volverá a coger un boligrafo sin mirarlo antes :)
    No le puedes hacer la misma broma a la misma persona dos veces :) A alguno si...
  • bzzz!!

    posted by Asterix01

    Looks like a legitimate pen so people get fooled easily Gets people who don't know the prank all the time people get fooled unless they've done this before. My friends really believed it it a real penit can really write so you can show it to someone as a real pen
    It was fun for a few weeks great to play pranks on people. though it gets old quick so yeah use it while you can
    Fun practical joke for as long as it lasts.
  • Great lighter

    posted by Zanga2

    Great JET lighter, completely wind proof flame. The joke aspect of this item is huge. It is a must have at a work place where you have a lot of colleagues how "borrow" a flame from you, or burrow your lighter. Using the screw on back you can easily replace the batteries (4x LR41).
    -It would be nice if this could also had a led.
    -When i have received mine it didn't had any gas and the regulator valve was set at minimum.
    - Great for practical jokes
    - Windproof
    - Good build quality
    - Most pf the people will drop it, but it is resistant
    - Powerful sock

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