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Every single shock 3 displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

shock 3 Customers Reviews

  • stylo looking case

    posted by ahjo79

    Able to store nicely almost all the basic accessories into it. I love the colour and design. Good services with its delivery
    A cool thing to have as a storage case for your Go Pro. A cool thing to own.
    There are many other different type of casing for storage but somehow this caught my attention thus I bought it as a birthday present for a friend. Comes almost immediately after order thus thumbs up for the shipping service
  • Some perfect deal

    posted by psynemushroom

    The quality of the material is pretty good. It's also very good for its price. Working perfectly until now. Looks very nice. Buttons are firm. Confortable to hold. Wireless is just fine.
    It's something between PS3 and XBox controller. It has a plug to turn on/off vibration and power, so you won't keep loosing your battery for free.
    The package where it comes is very good. Some box to keep! Everything was just fine and it arrived in my country very fast. And it was free shipping! I'm so happy with it.
  • good if you have kids

    posted by sheinli

    Very good protective case, especially good because of its price. Usually in my country, the price is around 70$Also it provides good protection to your phone, we have 2 little kids, who drop it all the time, or touch it with sticky hands (the screen) but nothing happens to the screen and to the phone itself thanks to this case
    Very good protective case, especially good because of its price.
  • Pretty respectable ps3 controller

    posted by Zerqtm

    it's ok
    would have been nice if it had been at least somewhat chaged when i got it..but at least it seasm to run fine with the usb in.. not sure what bettery type it is.. but if its litium based then generally it shouldent go for to long drained or it can degrade the betteries...but as i said i have no idea what typ of battery is in it...
    well worth getting if you need some extra controllers its fairly afordable and to my mind looks to be about as good as the original...but i havent used it for to long...
  • nice pocket

    posted by maxsivkov

    * protects your filters* has nice finish* can carry up to 3 lens filters* has special mount to hook on your belt or bag's handle
    I bought 3 filter storages for all my lens filters from DX and I'm pretty satisfied with quality, it doesn't look cheep, it could be smaller, because it hardly fits in my camera's bag, but it has nice option to hook it onto a belt or bag's handle.
    Recommended to buy, if you need one.for those who use smaller lens, could be a option to buy smaller case to save the space.

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