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shisha water pipe

You can find fashionable shisha water pipe at a low price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

shisha water pipe Customers Reviews

  • perfect mini shisha

    posted by Brazze

    -it´s looking like a normal shisha, but smaller-looks nice -very small-very portable-good smoke -nice manufacture -with pliers-
    perfect for on the way!!!My friends was really surprised as they see this tiny waterpipe, many friends want this shisha too;)But you need tiny coal, because the head of this waterpipe is tiny tooIn Germany the same hookah cost 4x more
    nice gadget, works and looks cool!
  • albert99

    posted by albert99

    Well, as the title says .. "It is what it is" .. a water pipe. Now I am sure more than just Tabacco is smoked in this little pipe. I love the fact it is SMALL and COMPACT and does the job it was intended to do.
    Great product. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for the price.
  • Fun steampunk-themed functional novelty waterpipe!

    posted by the2xN

    - Looks awesome!- Holds water really well and hasn't leaked yet, so it's quite portable.- Detachable parts, it's easy to fill and will be easy to clean in the future. Just don't use chemicals to clean it.- The bowlpiece is has a good-size bepth for a pipe its size. Not too much and not too little.
    - While not a particularly bad thing, I don't see myself getting too many uses out of this. It looks awesome and I'd like to put it on display next to my other cheap stuff.
    As a cheapskate collector, I thoroughly enjoy owning this product.
  • Different and exotic

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Different and exotic, this product will cause you to have various imaginations, made in metal corrosion it is a good option for a taste. Its material is unbreakable, can fall to the ground does not break or dent.
    A good option is to fill the reservoir with red wine, is very nice and gives a pleasant aroma, there are also those who prefer whiskey or brandy, but a wine is lighter.
    Looking for a sissy for deguste even more special?? Buy this product.
  • Elegant Mini Hookah

    posted by KeiZZ

    It is really cute and works perfectly.It's good to give the perfect taste of real tobacco. It has only been given me great experiences with the hookah.It has a good shape and looks good.It is very small and is therefore very easy to handle.
    I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little sweet hookah regardless if it's to smoke on or just to stand for garnish.
    Everything is just perfect and it's in really good condition.It's just perfect.

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