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  • Looks different but better!

    posted by keziaf

    The one that I received looked different (but better) than the original C2 that I already own!
    The clicky switch was more sturdy than the one on my previous C2.
    I found it cheaper to buy this kit and use the parts from it on my previous C2's, than it was to buy new C2's again.
    I'm glad that I bought it. I only wanted a couple of parts from it and the rest was donated to a fellow flashlight owner.
    Just a shame that the lens wasn't included (it should have been).
    Well made and perfect for spare parts as well as for making your own custom flashlight.
  • Awsome DIY host

    posted by Eudaimonium

    Awsome anodizing finish, inner construction easy to understand and (re)modify to suit your needs, usage of driver pill makes great new options for laser building, very solid contacts, tilcap clicky switch can take a lot of abuse, easily changeable caps.
    Awsome host for any flashlight or laser build. Maybe lack of mass for heatsink in the head, but compensated by lightsable-looking outside appearance.
    I've installed P7 emitter into one, that draws 2.3 A, and clicky switch still hasn't melted. A lot of my laser builds also are in this host which is awsome for that kind of usage.
    Great host, great price, awsome.
  • Great DYI kit

    posted by gearhounds

    Very nice kit, tightly machined threads with no sloppy looseness, clean even finish, all O-rings included. Threads are bright and free of anodizing where necessary for maximum electrical conduction. Truly only need a driver and emitter to get going. Great mass for heat sinking. Basically an Aurora V6 (sku 12346) which only comes with a P4 emitter. No lettering which makes this light look really sharp.
    The pill is set up to accomodate a 14mm emitter and a 16mm driver. I assembled mine with sku 1885 emitter which required some dremel work on the brass fit ring and Q5 emitter sku 11023 which was a direct fit. The result is an excellent thrower considering it is a straight walled pocket light running off just a 18650 battery.
    A great bargain on a well made set of parts and worth the investment. A fun project for beginners and pros alike. An added OP reflector would really round out this kit. Now if DX could only set up a DIY kit for sku 12343 I would be set.
  • a bargain

    posted by nightbreed

    A really good price, easy to make into a working torch or a laser with the correct parts. All threads were nice and smooth. the cap button works really great and easy to use. Lightweight and hard case.
    Just buy it... It is cheap and very well made, What more do you need??? 5.80 thats really a bargain
    not much to say just buy it. its better to have one spare than none when you need it.


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