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shell casing flashlight

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shell casing flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Slight blem but functional

    posted by gearhounds

    Good finish and all threads clean and smooth with almost no play. Smooth reflector with no flaws. O-rings throughout, nice beefy pill, reasonable mass for heat sinking.
    This particular kit was obviously a quality control failure from Aurora as it came branded with the company name and model number etched on it. Would have preferred all black as pictured. A Q5 with sku 1885 makes for a very nice compact thrower that really reaches out for such a small light.
    Decent deal for a DIY light of your own design. Should either be listed as blems or offered as a DIY kit that is clean and free of defects for those making them as gifts or for sale.
  • Perfect house for your UF like Pills

    posted by lasermanathome

    In time the Leds and drivers have become better, the lesser but excelent older pillsseems to be useless.This housing solves that problem.You can give your friends an awesom birthday-gift wich is not so bright that they suffer retina-damage, the powerfull new pills can cause.
    Apply a light in the dark cap to find it when it is dark.Deliver them with batteries and instruction, do not give them to children , even the 120+lumen ledmodules are with the right reflector too bright.
    Re-use of older ledmodules and usefull gifts for small costs.
  • Good DIY flashlight

    posted by Patrik28

    - Excellent appearance/quality (so far the best of my three earlier C2 models)- Threads + fittings are in quite good tolerance (only the pill rattled a little)- Can be customized with 14 mm silicone caps, SKU: 5498- Included almost every part but...
    - The switch was reverse clicky-type. I would like more forward-type.- Finding the right depth of the pill was little tricky, because the pill pushes the emitter against the reflector. If the pill is screwed too deep, the reflector won't press the lens tightly against O-ring. And too high pill will probably break the emitter if you screw the headring by force.
    In my case, the missing brass-ring didn't disturb, because I took a compelete pill from a broken C2 flashlight.This was a perfect spare part, despite that the complete flashlight are only few dollars higher.Therefore I only recommend this for spare parts.
  • Quality feel, nice torch

    posted by charliebruce

    This torch feels weighty and well-made when you hold it in your hand, and the black body wasn't chipped or damaged in any way. The threads feel smooth and conduct well, and the wrist strap is strong, not like the woven plasticky ones sometimes sold. It's pentagonal, which was slightly odd, but feels very nice in the hand.
    If you're looking to build a small pocket torch which runs off 1 18650, and has a high quality feel to it, then this may be the kit for you. Just be prepared to fiddle around inside the tail switch first!
  • Fine product.

    posted by PieterH

    Pros:It's cheap and build well... Delivered quiclky.... Good for replacement parts for flashlight... Gun Railing comes with Allen Screa and driver...
    Fine product. Spare parts and a mount part.
    It's built well, very cheap, and worth the price. If you want an housing for you flashlight and or a mount, just order it. The mounts itsselve are twice as expencive as this together in my country.

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