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  • Make eggs be fun again! (?)

    posted by zimmund

    It's fantastic. Who wants odd egg shaped eggs? with this molds you can transform an ordinary egg into an amazing car/fish shaped egg. IT WORKS. And it's fun, don't matter your age. Both childeren and adults will like it.
    HOW TO USE IT: it's easy! Put an egg in water. Heat it till the water starts boiliing (bubbles and movement in the water). Turn off the heat (so the yolk doesn't turn greyish yellow -this isn't important anyway-) and wait 8 minutes (so the egg can turn into a boiled egg!). Meanwhile fill a bowl with cold water. Remove the egg carefully, break the shell (be careful, don't get burned!) and put the boiled egg into the mold. You'll be surprised by how easy it fits (it's like the mold sucks it into place!). Close and secure the lid, and submerge the mold in the bowl. Wait ~10 minutes and presto! You got your beautiful molded eggs. SO WORTH IT.
    Get this. It's fun :D
  • Creative Pen

    posted by 51eduardo

    It is exactly what the name says, a COOL missile shped plastic gel Ink pen, I never saw a pen like this in my country, so when people see it they like.It is not expensive. If you like guns, it is a must have object.
    Ther color of the ink could be different from each other, for example one red and the other blue.Both inks are blue, but it is okay.
    A very nice pen.
  • Great product

    posted by jeancracoski

    These chopsticks are very easy to clean and to store. They are very resistant and bendable so they do not break easily.
    It looks good and it is very hard to leave dents on it, and it is healthier this way because microbes and bacteria live on these small defects and marks.
    I have bought eight pairs of this product and I am very pleased with them.
  • Good little gadget

    posted by mcveinot

    It is cool to be able to mold eggs into different shapes and to make cute little rice balls.Very easy to use. Small and cute, very appealing, especially for children (and grownups too ;) ).
    Handy and simple to use. Makes food a little more fun especially if you are experimenting with bentos or just want to add some whimsy to your meal. I lost mine but plan to order more since I enjoyed them so much.
    Thumbs up from me!
  • Great product

    posted by patodox

    Great quality considering the price, in my city is not possible to find a product like this, only the normal zapper. Good weight and size, the feel of the game is quite real than other guns. Takes some getting used to the speed of movement, as the remote is further away from your eyes, but once you get used to the feeling is great. Use the nunchuk is simple and the buttons (B, Z and C) fit very accurately.
    Comes without box, thankfully my shipment was not damaged. I'm thinking of buying another rifle. I'm not using yet the vibration motor, so i can't give an opinion about that.
    if you are a fan of FPS games, you must have one of these.

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