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  • Cheap powerful servo with issue.

    posted by qorrona

    it is digital.it reacts very fast on input.has nearly zero play.gears feel smooth and well done.has a ball bearing. (not sealed though)it has indeed only metal gears.
    the overreactive positioning troubles me a little bit. but I have to try it in a car to see if it actually causes any trouble.
    should be good for any rc-car. I'm gonna use it for a crawler.I would definitely buy exactly this tower pro 995 servo again.
  • Great product, but could use more documentation.

    posted by Freebs

    - Small.- Lot's of torque for it's size.- Easy to use.- Various extra arms for operation.
    It's a great product to get some experience in working with servo's. I'm using an Arduino to control it. I've ordered a bunch more and I'll see what I'll tinker up with them.
    The wires do the following things:Red: Vcc (5V)Brown: Vdd or groundOrange: Signal (works with 3,3V)When working with the Arduino, make sure to use an external 5V power supply or you'll exceed it's power. Connect the ground or - of this external PSU to the Arduino.
  • Cheap, app. 25 steps per direction, good gears

    posted by Techish

    Compared to the 5gm tower pro servos from hobby king, these are much smaller, but with better gears They would weigh close to 3.7g without the servo lead...
    No buzzing or gittering.
    ....At first i thought they might be just too imprecise to use, as the centering was low res.
    Then I bumped up the rates to 150% travel, this made the servo have "normal" travel, and greatly improved centering. like this they are not bad, but not precision seros either.
    The electronics let them down a little. Swapping in the board from a 5g t.p servo ex hobby king might make for a very good servo that would be on par with my cirrus servos.
  • Nice little hobby servo.

    posted by tedao00

    For the price it's just a nice purchase. It a small servo (really small), with not that high torque, but as a hobby toy, for home projects it fits just perfectly. Really easy to control with the Arduino board.
    It's so cheap that purchasing for experiments should be ok.
    If you have an idea of how to use a servo, purchase it, it's nice.


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