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  • Exactly What I wanted

    posted by solematejass

    Very well build, Wires are made of good material, sockets fits tight and getting it at such a price is really awesome.I needed it for connecting some SATA devices to my laptop and I want to connect them to the mother board not via USB or bus card.
    It is very difficult to get this kind of special stuff from local market here in India and ordering online is also not possible as most worldwide online stores charge high shipping rates so Getting it delivered free in India in like miracle for me.
    If USB SATA/IDE adapter are not working for you buy this cable as you can directly connect it to the board.
  • All right excellent product.

    posted by jagutierrezs

    Excellent product, good price-quality ratio, good packaging, resisted halfway across the world so that came into my hands in Santiago, Chile, good building materials in terms of hardware, software as this works in 90%.
    Good experience, now to continue to buy more products, which hopefully llegen faster.
    all good.
  • Look no further

    posted by jensse

    Works fine with my Ubuntu 12.04 as well as my Windows computers and Mac.Plugged inn and immediately recognized, by all operating systems.connected and used with Cisco, Soekrsi, and and other embedded devices.
    I miss the serial-ports on my computers.
    If you are looking for a USB to serial this will probably make it work for you. I't worked for me.
  • Excellent RS232/TTL converter, does what it says on the tin

    posted by heypete

    Simple, easy to connect, and works exactly as expected.Mounting holes in the PCB make it easy to mount in an enclosure.I connected the inputs and outputs to an oscilloscope, and the MAX3232 produces sharp, clean, well-defined signals on both the RS232 and TTL sides.The TTL output voltage matches Vcc (that is, set Vcc to 3.3V and the TTL output signal range will be 0-3.3V. Set it to 5V and it will be 0-5V.). This makes it easy to match the output voltage to your TTL circuits.The RS232 output voltages range between -5/+5V regardless of Vcc voltage (the chip has built-in charge pumps to increase the voltage for the RS232 transmitters). In compliance with the RS232 standard, it can tolerate RS232 input voltages of -25/+25 volts.While most people would just use the pins marked TX/RX to connect one RS232 device to one TTL device, the MAX3232 supports a second bi-directional channel.
    The board is contains a MAX3232 RS232-to-TTL converter and the necessary capacitors, a few LEDs to indicate when the chip is sending data, a female DE9 connector to connect to your RS232 device, and a 4x2 pin header to connect to your TTL device. Simple and handy.The primary bi-directional channel is connected to pins 2 (RX) and 3 (TX) on the DE9 connector (RS232) and to the TX and RX pins on the board, respectively. Be sure you connect the pins correctly: connect the TX pin on the MAX3232 board to your TTL device's RX pin, and the RX pin on the MAX3232 board to your TTL device's TX pin. Connect Vcc and GND to your TTL device.The second bi-directional channel is not connected to the DE9 connector and is only accessible on the pin headers. Connect your RS232 device's RX and TX pins to R2O ("RS232 out, channel 2") and R2I ("RS232 in, channel 2"), respectively. Connect your TTL device's RX and TX pins to T2O ("TTL out, channel 2") and T2I ("TTL in, c
    This board saves makes it easy to connect an RS232 device to a TTL circuit using a MAX3232 chip. I highly recommend it.The MAX3232 in this board functions the same as the very common MAX232 chip which only runs on 5.0V; the difference is that the MAX3232 runs on 3.0-5.5V input which makes it great for 3.3V TTL circuits.
  • Not as advertised, but cheap!

    posted by slamto

    Price is cheap, small dongle is nice and compact. Nice addition of a COM port to a PC or laptop without one.
    This device uses the PL2303 chipset. I don't know if the inability of the faster than 115200 baud rates is an issue with the driver or the chipset. USB cable length is a big issue.
    For high performance devices, it's best to look for a device using the FTDI chipset. These have a larger Tx/Rx buffer, and are known to function at at least 460800 baud.
    If you don't need anything faster than 115200, and don't plan on putting it on a USB cable longer than a few feet, then it's fine. This is a cheap device. Don't expect high quality or high performance.

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