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serial rs232 Customers Reviews

  • Not cheap, but does the job well.

    posted by rigorka

    This is certainly the most simple way to connect your RS232 equipment (for example, the UPS management port) to your Arduino.
    The best way to test it with Arduino is by using the SoftwareSerial library. This allows you to use Arduin's primary RX/TX pins to send/receive the debug output to your computer via USB, while SoftwareSerial is used to get the RS-232 data from this device.
    Straightforward solution for those needing RS232 interface but feeling to lazy to put together their own level converter.
  • Wonderful

    posted by esquizo

    This is a wonderful solution for laptops without serial port. You can control all the config parameters that you can imagine. FIFO buffers (RX,TX), irq triggers (RX,TX), crystal frequency, incredible..!!!!If you work with line controls (CTS, DTR,...) over the serial port this is the choice, not the usb converters.
    It's PCMCIA not express card. Watch your laptop specs. It comes with cd drivers. Working in W2000 and XP.
    A very very very good gadget.
  • Works fine

    posted by noname120

    Works greatPlug & PlayGreat compatibilityCorrect priceCable has a good sizeThe product seems robust
    Product tried on Windows 7 64 bits, after I plugged it, the driver was automatically installed and the device was recognized as a serial port, it means all applications will work because they trust you are using a normal serial port, not a USB one
    If your computer doesn't have a serial port, this product will allow you to connect your device whatsoever; the build quality is good but if you look carefully, you'll see small thin plastic parts uncut (not easily noticeable and easy to remove).I would highly recommend it to you especially when you see the low price.
  • Good item for DIY people

    posted by Boukefalos

    Unfortunately, today there still exist devices having old RS232 ports for connecting them to other equipment. Many devices don't have these ports anymore, so converters are inevitable. This item is perfect: 1) it converts to a versatile bluetooth device, 2) it allows for remote connection, 3) works great with my bluetooth dongle (sku 11866). I also ordered sku 2537 (a wired usb converter), just to have a backup, but for now I guess that one will be unused. Built quality seems good and the isolating layer might come in handy to prevent from accidentally creating a short circuit.
    Works out-of-the-box with a DIY power supply (3.5 V DC) from an old adapter. On windows 7 (64 bit) it shows up as a device called "linvor" and creates two COM ports. When trying to connect, usage of the password 1234 is required. I guess that this item can be used to tap a common RS232 connection. The second COM port would then serve for communication to the "other end". I have to test this futher though.
    Great item for the price. A definitive must-have for anyone in need of connecting RS232 equipped devices to more modern ones.
  • Seen as FTDI indeed

    posted by TestCase

    Identified itself as FTDI and works with FTDI driver.Tried a few other RS232<->USB adapters from DX but they either died after 4 weeks or simply no correct driver was available. This one just works ok! It is connected between my PhotoVoltaïc panels and a PC.
    More pricey compared to some of the other RS232<-> USB adapters with DX but it just works.
    If you want no hassle go for this adapter.


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