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  • For the price it's a great purchase, well built.

    posted by tedao00

    Might be very nice for a home project with your arduino board. The quality is really nice, for the price I couldn't imagine such a nice product. If you need it, buy it.
    Might be nice to use, but till now it's unuseful.
    If you know how to use and for what you should use, purchase it, otherwise, you can purchase it too, it's too cheap!
  • Cheap & Good

    posted by cesarb

    Very well built sensor. Built in a metal body with potted contents. Believe this is waterproof to IP68.Body thread is M12x1.0. In case you want to tap a hole and install through with only one nut in one side (as a locking nut), instead of two, just buy a tap set.
    Ok, I wrote the cons just to say things cound be better but for this price, it is a perfect sensor. I am ordering more for my DIY projects in case DX discontinues.
  • Light sensors works great; easy installation

    posted by cosmicray

    The device easily detects motions in its working range. The schematics on the device is very useful, though there is no instruction in English.
    Manufacturer would do a great job if the back of the device was covered by an insulating material.Also, there is no way to attach the device to the wall of ceiling. I managed to do it on the plastic ceiling by attaching it to a special bulb socket that was lacking a bulb.
    Although it's not perfect I highly recommend it to anyone, because it's very useful.
  • Usable one!

    posted by os280275

    Feels solid, build quality is good.Sensitivity is great, made my mirror light turn on/off by touching the aluminium frame, works like magic :)Small/slim enough to fit under the mirror.
    I recommend this one for purchase. 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars 500 chars
    For its price - a good buy.
  • Does what is promised and more

    posted by BigWhig

    -Build quality seems good-Accurate wire-description printed on case-Led indication when sensing-Can be used with Arduino directly-Cheap
    Tested against a pair of scissorsDistance of sensing is about 5mm. Seems to work ok down to as low as 2,5 V. Some measurements I've done:Input 3,3VOutput ~3,3 VNon sensing current: 0,6 mASensing current: 1,2 mAInput 5VOutput ~5VNon sensing current 0,9 mASensing current 2,1 mAInput 10 VOutput ~10VNon sensing current 1,8 mASensing current 4,6 mAInput 24VOutput ~24VNon sensing current 4,3 mASensing current ~12 mAAlso tested sensing on a metal tube of glue, and sensing distance is then about 2mm because of the thin metal.
    If you need a cheap prox for arduino, this will do the trick.

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