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  • Excellent shower head with a few issues

    posted by CaptKirk

    Well built shower head. Very stylish and modern looking. Clean lines. Nozzles are the rubber type that are easy to clean and clear if they get clogged. The swivel is strong and well designed. The LEDS are bright and look very cool. I can leave the lights off in the bathroom as the shower head lights the shower now with free water power! The unit I received has 12 LEDs like (SKU: 117457). Temp sensing is fairly fast and seems reasonably accurate. The generator in the water stream is very quiet (for now).
    The price seems a bit high for getting plastic instead of glass. The overall quality is very good and it is impossible without touching to tell it is plastic so I will keep it. Time will tell if the generator stays as quiet over time as it is now.
    This (or actually SKU: 117457) is great if you like LEDs and water combined like me.
  • Easy to use, simple connection

    posted by Nicolaj1212

    Easy to connect to an Arduino and sample from. Seems to be fairly well calibrated.A nice red LED to tell that there is power :-)
    Still dont know what long time use will do to the electronics when in a moist environment.It would have been nice if some sort of the output to moisture level had been supplyed.
    A very good product. I will be using a lot of these in my window farming project.
  • Practical module. Easy to use.

    posted by RonaldoKass

    A plug-and-play module that easily measures alcohol level exposure. Outputs both digital (Boolean) and Analog ranged output. Analog level can be used to measure scale of alcohol level in the air.Well build.
    Can be integrated very rapidly in arduino-like projects. Works best when alcohol is vented into/onto the sensor. Adjusts its levels back to normal within few seconds of exposure to fresh-air.
    Plug and play.
  • A Basic IR Proximity Detector

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easy to interface to the Arduino. Adjustable sensitivity for each detector allows detection range to be adjusted between 2cm to 5cm. LED indicators on board display detection status which makes tuning and testing simple.
    I was able to use this to build an Arduino obstacle avoidance robot that worked very well in the right conditions.
    A basic four channel IR proximity detector that is suitable for indoor use only. If you need a more robust detector, look for something that uses modulated IR light to filter out other light sources.
  • Good gas detector.

    posted by Nioderam2

    Good gas detector with high sensitivity. I tested it in a variety of settings and are very pleased with the results. May also be used as a simple detector - LED lights up when the gas detects.
    When I tested it, i noticed that it reacts to moisture, and detects it. May want to protect the sensor from moisture.
    It is extremely simple to use. Perfect for DY projects. However, I would advise you to calibrate a sensor with high-quality calibration equipment.

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