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  • Perfect solution to my PID needs

    posted by Pyro987

    For a K type thermocouple you cannot beat this unit! Price, performance, and quality are great! I bought htis unit to use in a PID controller for lead casting making my own bullets. Lead temps are usually in excess of 700 degrees and this unit had no issues. Price is amazing compared to other sellers, you can't get them cheaper anywhere else
    I verified the accuracy of this unit to an annalog thermometer and I think my analog is susceptable to ambient temperature shifts causing different readings as to where this thermocouple is not. I paid >$30 for the analog thermometer and this thermocouple reads accurately whether the level of my pot is 4" or 1". I am amazed! I will buy more here soon.
    You can't beat this unit PERIOD!
  • Replace your lost temperature probe

    posted by Cubytus

    Cheap, very cheap replacement for the stock temperature sensor many multimeters come with. Seems precise enough, comparable to original ones.
    If you need sturdier ones, there are more in the same DX department. I am not sure how to store it as wire feel a bit rigid for me to feel comfortable rolling it in a compact shape.
    This one will do the job perfectly for occasional usage, say, for checking how hot is a SCR or a soldering iron, or even as a makeshift temperature probe in a kitchen oven
  • Impossibly cheap but the real thing

    posted by justa

    Cheap; as always. This is what most of us are here for at DX.The device does contain a DS18B20 which is akin to (BUT NOT) the DS18S20. In fact, it's better!The 18B20 has a higher precision and has some selectable options the DS18S20 doesnt possess. It is not a dropin replacement, but code-changes to make DS18S20 code work with DS18B20 are super-minimal and easily found with google.More to the point: housing is neat and sturdy; stainless-looking metal thule with heatshrink sealing the cable.
    The colors of the wires shown in the picture were different from the ones on the devices I recieved. Mine came with Black, Red and White wires.This made it much more obvious which wire did what: Black: GroundRed: Power (5V)White: dataYour mileage may, of course, vary.Don't forget to place 4.7Kohm resistor between 5Volt and the data-line as a 'pull-up' for the 1-wire bus if you need it in your application.... This will be obvious to some, but may be forgotten by others.
    Cheap. Most places sell the naked sensor for only a dollar less (at most) than this full encapsulated and prepared device that comes with a length of wire , too.Can't beat it (or give me a call when you do)
  • Not what I expected

    posted by trevorhancock

    It works, it looks strong and professional. It reads as an RTD should.
    I ordered this as a thermocouple as indicated by the description on the product page. It is a temperature sensor, and probably a better one than a thermocouple but it is an RTD not a thermocouple. More research next time.
    Platinum RTDs are a very linear and repeatable sensor so if you need an RTD then buy this one. I have not plotted its linearity or checked its temperature coefficient so I cannot comment on its quality.
  • Good product.

    posted by papbal

    It is a quite fast thermometer. The mesuring part is waterproof. It has also a wire which is long enough to mesure inside of a compost or grain pile. You can use in the kitchen as a meat thermometer, but you must know it is not owenproof, so you can not place in the hot owen.
    Really useful thing it works as an out thermometer also, you can use in the kitchen and its good for farmers too.
    Smart buy i think.


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