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sensor kit Customers Reviews

  • Lo instale yo mismo y funciono impecable!

    posted by IceGuitar

    very easy to install and works flawless, the cables are of good quality and easily connect, really have not had any trouble and runs may very well, now my wife is not going to crash every time she park!
    It is very useful for large vehicles or people who are not skillful stationing, usr is easy to install and is not as complicated as one might imagine, a very good product and very useful
    I will definitely buy to install on other vehicles of the house, are very cheap and not lost no time in installation. VERY RECOMMENDED!
  • Little expensive, but much fun in this set

    posted by joar28

    Many sensors to play with, come in a nice little box, and it's easy to find documentation on the internet. If you own an arduino this is highly recommanded. If you divide the price on the number of sensors, it's under $1.5 for each.
    Only problem is to choos what sensors to try first (:
    If you got money, an arduino, and want some sensors to play with, buy this one. Only thing i need now, is some motors, and I can control the world!
  • Great device and works well

    posted by ImSir2U

    Works really well, a bit of false triggering but I'm told even the car manufacturer ones do this but I've never owned a car with one in before so I wouldn't know.
    The clamping system to hold them in makes it really hard to get them in by pushing on them, you need to pull from behind and use a twisting action to get them to seat flush with the bumper.
    Great product that works as well as you can expect for the money and I am going to buy another kit with black sensors for my other car if I can bring it over to this country.
  • Good for money

    posted by Siloraks

    Great gadged for every older car. If you like to park your car safelly - this one is really for you. Build quality is really good. Everything works really fine. Easy to use. All things that you need are included in this kit. Additionally you will need an electric drill, 2-3 free hours and a bit accuracy driling holes. Patience also required :)Nice blue lit screen, good contrast, loud/medium/silnece modes for beeper.On the screen you can see blinking sensor (1 of 3 zones) and nearby in metric system - how long till obstacle. The sensor which is closest to obstacle is blinking. 30 cm is minimum and then beeper beeps continiously saying you to stop. Accuracy is really great +/- 2 cm in my case.
    Great product, great price - in my country it costs ~2,5X more.
    If it would be possible to get version without chineese hieroglyphs on the screen - i would order some more.
    Anyway - great product for good price.
    Deffinately must buy for girlfriends ;)
  • Barato y efectivo. muchas posibilidades

    posted by SrDonGato

    tiene muchas posibilidades de configuracion, puedes activar y desactivarla desde los 4 mandos SMS o por telefono. llama hasta 5 numeros de telefono de forma ciclica, sensores efectivos aunque aun no se que autonomia efectiva tiene cada uno. centralida MUY configurable e instrucciones en ingles pero muy intuitivo.
    muy barata para las funciones que tiene. en dx.com se consiguen mas volumetricos por unos 10 dolares
    la alarma esta instalada ahce un mes y no ha tenido ningun problema de funcionamiento.

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