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Purchase the latest sensor car black with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

sensor car black Customers Reviews

  • Great Product!

    posted by luhany

    Easy installation; It comes with a specially designed drill; Good quality; Resistant; It can be painted matching you car's color; Excellent price!; It fits well and works perfectly for our GM Vectra Collection 2012; Shipped in perfect conditions.
    If you have some trouble installing it, you should pay an auto electrical expert, he can install it with perfection in about 2/3 hours, and it is a not expensive service. The side of the sensors and its wirings can be a bit confusing for someone without practice to install.
    I would buy again!!
  • Good Product

    posted by Latinovic

    Really good product! Sensors working perfectly!
    Nothing to add, Sensors are great! Would order these every time, and will recommend them to everyone that asks for sensors.
    Nothing to add, Sensors are great! Would order these every time, and will recommend them to everyone that asks for sensors.
  • good product

    posted by marlitoauau

    good product, already comes complete, easy to use, sturdy product, ideal product for the car arduino. in general is a product worth buying
    perhaps this node seje the right place to complain, but maybe I will not do more shopping in DX because of the delay in delivery. have another order COMRA I did, and bought a Breathalyzer been almost 4 months I bought and still have not received!!DX does not make me a satisfactory return!!
    I do not know what the function desge capo, but if it is to talk about the product, recommend, the product is good, but it's a shame that the seller does not match!!
  • Parking Sensor System

    posted by Fland

    An excellent product with great quality at a great price. The product comes complete in a box for added protection. The sensor works perfectly and is really very good. It has good reach and easy to use. Its appearance is generally being a much more expensive equipment. Certainly a great acquisition.
    If you have time to do the installation or even someone to do for you, it's worth the purchase.
    An excellent product for a very low price. Recommend the purchase, will be a great saving.
  • Works as required

    posted by PieterT

    NO DRILLING OR UGLY SENSORS!!!!Installation is very easy.If access to inside of bumper is not easily accessible, remove bumper like I did.Most bumpers remove very easily - just google your car and I am sure you will find it easy.
    I installed this in my front bumper, thus needed to install switch for when I am not parking, as bumps and sharp turns also gives a warning. For rear bumper connection to reverse lamp the kit includes all that is required.Not as accurate as external sensors with display, but if you can park and just want some help in close spots this works brilliantly.For reverse I would rather use a wireless cam, as I have installed them on 4 different vehicles and it is just better, but for front or classic cars this is brilliant!
    If you want a completely hidden system, get this one.If you regularly reverse park in tight possitions and do not mind a display on your dashboard, rather get a full wireless reverse camera kit.As my car already has a factory reverse cam, but no input for another front cam, this is perfect for my Scooby.

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