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  • Simple on/off magnetic switch

    posted by probe13

    Cheap, simple to connect, when in "ON" state little red smd LED diode lights up.
    It's basically an analog switch (off) when the field exceeds a certain value. Connect "-" pin to the gnd, middle pin is for power(5V) and the last one(S) goes on arduino analog input pin. With no magnetic field near it output is about 4V and within strong enough field output voltage is almost 0. It was able to detect my magnets from approximately 1-1.5cm.
    It's cheap and can be used as a switch. I intend to use it for speed detection of rotating objects.
  • Sensors Shield

    posted by Rodrigoddf

    Good build quality, all the soldering points are very well made, the connectors quality is good too. Easy connection with arduino UNO, good price for a very good product. - PT-BR Boa qualidade de fabricação, todos os pontos de solda foram muito bem feitos, a qualidadde dos conectores tambem é muito boa. Conecta-se perfeitamente ao arduino UNO, enfim, um bom preço por um produto muito bom.
    Good product, good price
  • Really good and cheap

    posted by davet76

    CheapEasy to wire up - just do power, ground and signal to analog input on ArduinoI got this up and running along with my DHT11 temp/humidity sensor and uploading info to the web via the Cosm website (its pretty good)
    The output doesnt mean much other than showing the trend - get it running and output to serial monitor then view the values and adjust the screw until you get something around a few hundred in bright light and then away you go
    I really liked it - easy to use and reliable, shows up trends well.
  • Nice for home projects, cheap and well built

    posted by tedao00

    Might be very nice for a home project with your arduino board. The quality is really nice, for the price I couldn't imagine such a nice product. If you need it, buy it.
    Might be nice to use, but till now it's unuseful.
    If you know how to use and for what you should use, purchase it, otherwise, you can purchase it too, it's too cheap!
  • Very easy to use

    posted by Cidde

    Really easy to use. Has both a digital and an analog output, which is really nice! The digital output threshold is controlled by a small screw.
    I'm using 12 sensors for a laser harp. I was a bit worried about latency, but the response time on the digital outputs is really fast - there's no noticable latency at all when using the digital output.
    There might be other options, but for me this worked perfect! The digital output was a winning argument when I bought this product.


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