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  • Cheap, good quality sensor

    posted by netiness

    Filteret output, several mounting holes. Power led and signal led indicators, signal led indicates ir-bram is interrupted.
    No complaints about build quality, feed it 5v through bcc and gnd. Check status of interrupter between out and ground. For me just needing an interrupter to be used as a switch it was the perfect choice, and having LEDs indicating the operational status was really a bonus.
    I bought several of these, and are mounting them in my homemade cnc as end-stop switches. There is no data sheet, but it is not needed if you have just a basic knowledge
  • 3~6V Sound Sensor Module for Arduino

    posted by fabio1964

    Verry cheap sond detection module for arduino projects with adjustable Gain for the mic to AO ratio at first i got almost no reaktion on the AO unles i made very high noices. But after som testing og trial an error type i found out that the gain was adjusteble.
    Nothing else to say, its very cheap but it works bad. I do not advise to buy this product.
  • Perfect for Arduino

    posted by ErKabi

    The sensor works fine. And the price it's very good. I can get the Temperature, % humidity and the Dew Point for the combination of Temperature and % Humidity.You can only need 3 wires: S=> signal, - => GND, 5V (central pin).There are a lot of examples in internet, you can only look for DHT11 and download the library to Arduino.
    Very good to make DIY project. The range of this sensor is OK for my enviroment, if you need more range look for DHT22.
    The price for the sensor is OK. I can get the temp and huminidy of my room.
  • Really good and cheap

    posted by davet76

    CheapEasy to wire up - just do power, ground and signal to analog input on ArduinoI got this up and running along with my DHT11 temp/humidity sensor and uploading info to the web via the Cosm website (its pretty good)
    The output doesnt mean much other than showing the trend - get it running and output to serial monitor then view the values and adjust the screw until you get something around a few hundred in bright light and then away you go
    I really liked it - easy to use and reliable, shows up trends well.
  • Good and easy to use

    posted by RonaldoKass

    Very easy to work with. Connect GND to black, VCC to brown and signal to blue.
    Notice: Output level depends on input VCC. On lower voltage (5-6V), produces a more linear output signal depending on metal proximity. On higher voltage (10+) behaves more like a digital output (though reaches a TTL high only on high voltages [~24V]). Arduino people: On 5V the item DOES work. It outputs voltage between 1.5V (no metal proximity), to 0.6V (metal proximity).. so you can actually read it with analogRead, easy enough.Datasheet: http://us.100y.com.tw/pdf_file/46-LJ18A3-8-ZBX.pdf
    Solid product for metal proximity detection.

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