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sensor 220v Customers Reviews

  • Better Than Expected

    posted by rcarlyle

    It just works and works very effectively
    To be frank, I wasn't expecting much, so when I opened the door and found the light on, I expected that it just stayed on, but I was wrong. After leaving it alone for a couple of minutes, it turned off and was so sensitive that it actually switched on as I opened the door and also from the bottom of the stairs.
    Excellent product which makes me think that I should purchase a couple more.
  • Excellent motion-sensing low-power spotlight

    posted by DrewdQueue

    + Reliable, sensitive sensor, no 'arm waving' needed, in fact my cat activates it walking underneath + Detects movement metres away (when mounted above). + Really quite bright (~200lm?) very suitable for lighting up sheds, carports, entryways, etc. + Good even pool of light, no hotspots. + Darkness activated, will not trigger during day. + Super low power usage, way better than motion-sensing floodlights, etc. + Has short duration, but LEDs don't care about being turned of and on rapidly.
    * Makes a great hall night light (if you don't mind the colour), security light and entry light. Never fumble in darkness with keys again or wonder who is outside.* I'd like more for other instant-light applications such as garden shed, pantries, walk-in wardrobes, etc.
    Light quality aside, if you need instant reliable light as soon as you enter, this is a great product that costs very little to buy and almost nothing to run. Fit it, turn it on, and forget it!

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