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  • Ótimo e Perfeito

    posted by Bicudo

    Muito boa! Não é um farolete, mas, certamente ajuda a guiar.Dá paa enchergar de longe.Vale a pena.Chegou muito bem embalado, tudo com muito cuidado.Parabéns DX!---Very good! There is a small lighthouse, but it certainly helps guide.Give paa enchergar far.Worth it.Arrived very well packed, everything very carefully.Congratulations DX!
    Compre, não tenha medo. Muito fácil e instalar e de usar.-----Buy, do not be afraid. Very easy to use and install and.
  • great for trips

    posted by ChickenSammich

    it's very light and compact. thinner than a deck of cards, about as big around as a standard postcard. battery capacity on a unit of this size isn't extraordinary but was good enough to maintain usage of my cell phone away from a charger. you can either charge it via sunlight or by the included usb cable.
    handy for keeping your small devices running if you got some sunshine around or a laptop or USB adaptor handy
  • Its great

    posted by Americ

    the solar key chain is made up of good quality it is portable and you can also carry it in your pocket with your keys. The flashlight comes with a keychan, so you can put it with your home keys.In dark places it is useful
    You shuold have this little and useful gadget just in emergency case.
    Great product.Buy it
  • Perfect solution for handsfree

    posted by hszer0

    - No hassle with wires. Just use the holder to snap it to your windshield with the suction cups. If you want it some place else, just pull it off again and wipe a cloth where it used to be. No traces.- Solar power. If there is enough sun, you will never use the cable to charge it as long as you turn it off when you don't use the car.- Contacts are easily sent to the device by sending a business card via bluetooth.
    - People calling me while I'm in the car have been able to hear me without problem. - I have not tried pairing multiple phones- Reversing the display works fine- Although you might think of this as an expensive "toy", I could not find this anywhere cheaper. It's worth the money.
    A very handy device that i've been using for about a year now. I'm very happy with it.Buy this if you want a clean solution for handsfree calling. Just dont take it out of the holder while driving or the police might think it's a phone. ;)
  • Decent for home use

    posted by NotTheOnlyOne

    Pretty good build quality. robust switch. good quality LEDs. Decent light output (these are older- but top of the line smd LEDs.)Pretty good gooseneck, some of these can be cheesy, but this one seems pretty solid. Easy to charge this by hanging up by the gooseneck. Better morning charge that way.Have had it more than 6 months, and it is holding up well. Battery life is good if you cycle it most of the way down occasionally. Pretty good encapsulated solar panel. charging LED.
    Seems like a good tradeoff for price and build quality.
    Glad i got it, may end up upgrading the battery when it starts to fade, but going strong for now

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