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security door window Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by GaardC

    - Loud enough
    - Wil wake you from your sleep if it sounds wich is the general idea.
    - Good price
    - Useful
    - So easy to use even my 6 year old sister knows how to use it.
    Just toss in the batteries, hang from the door handle and turn it on.
    If you dont hold it correctly it will sound as you turn it on. To avoid this, put 1 or 2 fingers in the round area that resembles a button to steady it and make pressure against the door, then turn on the tiny knob at te side and release being careful not to touch it anywhere else that shoud turn it on without activating the alarm; you could also cover your hand in a cloth and turn it on, but I find its easyer the first way since you don´t have to fetch a cloth.
    It would be good if it used another kind of battery (rechargable for example or AA) the kind it uses is not hard to find but is a tad more expensive in my country than others, still, makes a nice product.
    Good build, very useful, easy to use, does no more and no less than its intended to, overall good price.
  • works great

    posted by gostskull

    so they sent me one it was defective on arrival: they replaced it without a hassle, i received my new product without having to re pay, and am really happy with it. i put it on my window and it fits nicly, if i open it a few cm it will not ring which is great, and its extreamly Loud
    get 5, entire security system will cost you less then 10$
    its great. thise things can be priced at usually about 15$
  • Does it´s job!

    posted by fran82

    It has an adecuate price.Is small, compact, it has good looking.It needs 2xAAA batteries instead of a 9v battery, which makes it cheaper to keep it working. No problems when using NiMh rechargeable cells.The remote has the following functions:1. On Off (Activate / Deactivate the alarm)2. Ring the bell to scare people3. Act as a door bell4. "Person opening the door" functionThe remote uses a A27 12v battery, and is included.It has a red flashing led to show you that the alarm is "present".LOUD!!! The alarm is loud!!! real 105dB!!!
    When you activate the alarm pressing the activate button, it will sound 3 beeps. Then, now, you have 10 seconds to close the door, otherwhise the alarm will ring.Then, after 10 seconds, a short beep will sound to confirm is "armed".Then, when someone opens the door, the alarm will ring with 105dB!! during 10-20 seconds (I have not measured) then it will stop. If the door continues opened, it will continue ringing again and again until the door is closed.To deactivate, press deactivate, a loong beep will sound. Now is disarmed.Easy to use
    Very good "wireless activated" door alarm for the price!
  • Very effective

    posted by navara

    - Small enough
    - Very high dB in comparison with 1-2 $ items, can be heard throughout the home
    - Remote Control function
    - Easy battery change
    - Easy installation
    - 9V. DC entry
    I think it is very good item with this price to sleep at home safely.
    Recommend all, because this is a good choice between expensive alarm systems and very cheep ones.


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