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security camera power

Welcome to our security camera power online shop. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse network security camera or digital security camera to find what you are looking for. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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security camera power Customers Reviews

  • It works and its cheap

    posted by darkserman

    I bought this for a friends laptop, and it works as expected.The best 'pro' i think is its price, its very cheap compared to buying it locally (Spain) and it works the same way as a original one(it seems to us)
    It's just a charger, and is cheap; if you are in a need of a charger, it's your choice!Just check the voltage, current and polarity to see if it fits your laptop, and you're ready to go.
    If you need it, just buy it!
  • Great replacement for Linksys WVC54GCA camera adapter

    posted by johnamst

    - Well essembled and in general pretty good quality it seems.- Not that much to say about just an adapter, but it did the job for which I bought it.
    I have 2 Linksys WVC54GCA camera's and I thought they were both broken. The adapters clearly showed 5V when I measured them. But in the end it was the current (ampere) that was not enough. I look on DX for a replacement and found these. The connector does not fit in the camera itself, but as I had the old broken adapters, I cut off the connector from the old one and then put it on this new adapter.Both Camera's work fine now.
    If you are looking for a replacement for the Linksys WVC54GCA camera adapter, and still have the old adapter with the right connector, then this is the one you want.
  • Good 12V power suply for this price

    posted by Mrcaroco

    Use with many 12V low power consumption devicesEase to install, just plug it into power outletCable long enough for my requirementsNo overheatingGood plastic quality
    There could be more cheap options in terms of size and wiring.Why the led light strip doesn't come with power conversion built-in?
    Good shop for this low price, worked just fine and I´m happy with solution I have found.
  • Low price, Good built, Not 2A but 1.75A, Easy to open

    posted by 5thunit

    Low price. 100V-240VAC. USA plug. Good quality. Very light. Only warm to the touch. Sideways (horizontal) when plugging into USA outlet, hence not blocking the other outlet.
    Single screw to open. Only one circuit board. All discrete components, not SMD. Lots of internal space. Hence, it's great to make modifications (such as bring the no-load voltage down to 5.25V). Or add heat sink to increase reliability. Or add more capacitors (at input and/or output) to increase voltage stability and load capability.
    Low price, good built, easy to open and modify.
  • ok - work as exspected

    posted by DKLarsson

    + compact+ glued together+ no LEDThis is ordered to be used with Ethernet power injector to Camera, as the previus power supply didn't fitThis is a short term review, as the PSU has not been tested in frost ( < -5 degree celsius), but as seen until now it looks like any ordinary power supply without any outstanding features or quality
    none that spring into mind
    reasonable price/value, but as I wrote there is nothing particular about this power supply compared to any common PSU

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