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security camera led Customers Reviews

  • Good camera with limited 720p

    posted by Malvineous

    The camera works very well under Linux with Firefox. The picture is quite good, but about standard for a webcam. The camera runs Linux, and if you have a MIPS compiler you can upload and run your own programs on it.
    The 720p image is cropped to 640x480 for web view, rather than resized. The firmware is very open and you can telnet right to a BusyBox/Linux command prompt. Make sure you don't allow others to connect via telnet or they can corrupt your camera's firmware, as well as finding out your camera's username or password remotely.The 720p stream uses about 450kB/sec while the 640x480 web browser stream uses 1.5MB/sec. If less bandwidth than this is available, the framerate will be reduced.
    A standard version of the MayGion MIPS camera which works well enough. But be careful if you put it online as it is quite easy to accidentally make your camera freely accessible to the entire world.
  • Looks like a real one

    posted by chao5

    Comes with paper stencil for drill hole marking, screws and anchors for mounting on surface. Easy and discreet method to turn on/off the LED.Looks like the real thing.Battery operated. No wiring required.Blinking LED is obvious and bright enough.
    Invest in a real CCTV if you need to protect your assets and family. Professional burglar might know it is a dummy camera.
    Security on a shoe-string budget.
  • Good cam. But quality could be better.

    posted by StalP

    - Good picture in day/night modes.- Works with android-devices (video+sound) (with application 'IP Cam Viewer')- Current version of cam is supplied with stable firmware.
    I use this cam like a nanny-cam, and I like to use it. Previous models of similar cameras, wich I've used before, were worse.Initialization process is too long (camera is rotating in all sides, left and right, up and down). That's not a big problem, but I don't like that.
    Its worth to buy, but price should be lower or quality should be better.
  • It works well

    posted by AndyMonty

    Cheap Decent rangeMenacing red glow at night
    Cant really fault it (yet) it iluminates a good 25 meters (mine is mounted about 5m up)
    It works its cheaper than most which are just stuffed full of 5mm ir led's has a good spread of usable light
  • Very good ipcamera

    posted by vmarko77

    - Good price- easy to use- very good night vision- clear view- tilt and pan- you can watch online when away from house- multicamera
    It should have also European plug. I had to buy a Round Power Plug Convertor. It was a little difficult to view the camera from another pc (through DDNS).
    I was searching for a good ipcamera for both wired and wireless network. I believe I made the right choice. I use the camera to watch my house when we are away. Buy it.

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