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security anti theft Customers Reviews

  • Really easy and cheap

    posted by tompi

    The alarm is very easy to set up: just plug the two main wires to your 12V battery and you're done. The packaging also includes a sticker to stick it anywhere on your bike. It's really small so you can hide it behind a plastic cover or anywhere else.Since it must be a mechanical vibration sensor it shouldn't discharge the battery that much when it's idle.
    The reactivity is not bad but it takes a few seconds to turn on since the moment you touch the bike. Sometimes you just brush the bike and it rings, some other times you hit it and it doesn't do anything.There could be a small flashing LED to show the alarm is on. It would cost 50 cts more and would be great looking and effective. I'll try to do this myself.
    Great stuff, really worth the price. I never thought I could buy a bike alarm for the price of two sandwiches. Thanks DX !
  • Very good

    posted by damien1213

    Very good product, work perfectly, ring very loud
    After set the alarm it work well, when someone touch your motorbike or try to move it, it rings !, all my friend who saw it want the same now^^
    So for the price it's very cheap. firstable I ordered almost the same product on an other web site for 39 euro and work bad and this one for only 18 CHF work perfectly, thanks DX!
  • Good, but 20 more cm would be great

    posted by imdfl

    Decent quality lock, does what it's supposed to.I like the blue color of the digit lock, not only does it look nice but it also makes it easy to identify the lock when there isn't much light around.
    don't expect this chain to protect you against professional bike thieves. It's very good for preventing the odd passer-by from taking your bike for a ride, but obviously, a thief armed with industrial metal shears will cut through this with no problem.
    If a longer chain doesn't cost much more, the extra length is worth the price.
  • Big Siren

    posted by tom13n

    -Very loud Siren-Cool little remote control works perfectly at a distance of more than 5 meters-Very easy to put this alarm on walls or doors with a little screw-Works with 9V battery or with an adaptator pluged in 220-230
    -You can take your remote control on you or with keys-It make more Noise with adaptator than with battery ! ! !
    Very noisy for this price !!! I was very surprised!-I don't have regrets and the door of my appartement is now safe when I go out!
  • Works better as promised! :D though not 120 DB

    posted by Jordiadr

    -Sound Is very very Loud! (Don't think it's realy 120DB xD)-Sound Is Anoying! Wich is good indeed!-It makes my dog go crazy! (poor guy)-My girlfriend almost broke it because of the sound when I was testing the product!-It works! :D haha
    Should have made thise one maybe in some extra collors? :)
    It's worth youre money and usefull!So just buy 3 or more! It works fine! Thank you DX for the fast delivery! :)

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