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secure travel suitcase id luggage tag

You will be surprised our best secure travel suitcase id luggage tag with an artful design and an amazing price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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secure travel suitcase id luggage tag Customers Reviews

  • Great and funny

    posted by Eolivavelez

    They are funny and original travel suitcase/backpack ID card.You can change the Card if you need.It's well build, except the card's border. Very Nice color, it doesn't change if you get wet.I have bought all the series NOT YOUR BAG, NO, IT'S NOT YOURS! EXCUSE ME, NOT YOUR BAG!, PUT IT BACK, IT'S MINE!, and HANDS OFF? For little gifts to my family and friends
    Great and funny ID card. Perfect to travel with some humor
  • Fun and super usefull

    posted by lugaluz

    perfect for airport recognition, there is no chance you miss your luggage or backpack with it! Great fluorecent violet colour that make huge contrast with the bold black and white letters. It will defenetly pop up if you suitcase is black Big enough to be seen but not destroy by airport handling staff. plastic material with a transaret poket to write your name and adress on a white card, i replaced it with my insurance card
    perfect for small gift
    Dont think it twice, buy it
  • Just Perfect!!!!

    posted by hudsonds

    I absolutely LOVE it...
    It's big enough and the color is bright, so you will spot your luggage on the mat in the baggage claim area!!!
    Makes your luggage stand out from the crowd!!!
    The material is great!!!
    You can write your personal info on it!!!
    The strap to atatch to the luggage is also plastic, but it has seems to be stong enouth...
    I guess I'll only fnd if it realy keeps in place after going on a trip....
    This is the second one I got... the first one was the pink one (which is more orange than Pink) is also good, but this one i think is better!!!
    I just Loved!!!!
  • Cheap and affordable

    posted by junqin

    Item is of very good condition when arrived. luggage tag is cute and the words are outstanding.I will buy a few more of different design next time.Good for gifts.
    it's great. buy it if you are travelling. will never regret.

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