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seat belt cutter Customers Reviews

  • Its a cheap and effective product

    posted by KYP123

    Basically, just press the blue stud at the end against the window to compress a spring in the mechanism. Continue pressing to a point where it sping back and a pointed hammer will hit the glass. I am not sure if the impact will break car window - I wouldn't try it on my car. It cause a pin size ~0.3mm deep dent on my wall when I tried it.
    If the company can make it into a multi tool (with pen knife, saw, scissor etc) - it would be great!!!
    Great buy. Will bring it along everytime I travel.
  • Great item to have in your car

    posted by Pafman

    This item is like in the photo.
    It do the job perfectly, i've tried on an abandoned car and it works!
    It's a litle heavy and it has a nice building quality.
    You can fix this hammer in the car.
    It has a belt cutter which works like it was suposed to.
    I had a car acident some years ago and i couldn't broke any glass. You know when you see in a movie a guy kicking a front glass of the car? Well, that just works on the movies. Believe me. If my car didn't have an window on the ceiling i would burn on that day. From now on, this hammer will be always on my cars.
    Buy it, you may need it some day!
  • really cheap

    posted by navarro181

    much cheaper than a real res-q-meworks really fine, it can go throw a wine bottlethe blade is really sharp, it cut about 4 later of one blue jeanslooks original
    buy it
    i am ordering another one-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Safety first. Get one of these in each car.

    posted by carlos66ba

    I do not understand how anybody can give poor ratings to this device. It is well made for what it is meant to be. This is not a delicate tool. It is meant to cut the seat-belt and smash the window so you can escape in an emergency. (have you really thought how hard it is to break a car's glass??? basically impossible without a sharp metal tooll---this is it!)
    Get one of these for each car you have and for your relatives and friends. It is very likely you will never use it (lets hope... I am glad I had never the need to....). Then again, if you ever need it and it is not there, start your prayers :)

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