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You will be surprised our best seal tight with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

seal tight Customers Reviews

  • Overall great product.

    posted by X3N0C1DAL

    -Very stretchy material-Perfect size for a man's "ring toy"-Doesn't break too easily-Nearly seamless-Made of a nice, soft and stretchy material-Many other uses besides just for a flashlight. You can cut of blood flow to an extremity, use it as a wrist band, as a little finger toy, chew on it, and a whole lot more.
    Nice quality. Took a while to ship, but no big deal. Only about 3 weeks.
    Buy this product. It is worth the little money it costs. Use it for whatever you want.
  • Useful and convinient

    posted by Andrej86

    I bought these to replace a steel spring underneath the zooming head from X2000 flashlight. Now the movement of zooming head is much more smooth, feels more precise and it's more resistant to water. As these o-rings are primarily intended for use servicing or modding flashlights I found them very convenient for home use. I already sealed a few pipes and do not leak at all.
    Recommended for modding flashilghts and for home use. Very convenient!
  • O-Rings!

    posted by ace-at-mind

    Hey, they're o-rings...These fit pretty well for the large end of my 9-LED flashlights I got from DX. Nice snug fit, but could be a little tighter. They are made of some great feeling material, you can tell they are very squishy and will last a great while.
    Don't know what else to use them for. I bought them for my flash-lights. I imagine they are useful for waterproofing and threaded fitting of the 26mm diameter variety.
    if you need this size o-ring, or just want little orange rings, get 'em!
  • Useful and plentiful

    posted by spencer

    You get lots. They're sturdy and useful.
    Useful in improving waterproofing on flashlight and tools with threads.
    Worth having all the sizes on hand.
  • Does what it says on the tin

    posted by ecotack

    Can stretch around larger diameters with no problem. Makes a good seal (add a little silicone grease to stop it gripping to any rotating parts)Helps to find the torch when its been put down in the dark.
    Would be nice (as others have said) to have some larger ones for the lens of P60 drop ins.A bag of assorted sizes would be nice, but at this price I've just bough a bag of each.
    At this price get some, you know you want them.

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