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sdhc card 16gb

Buy a sdhc card 16gb from DX.com! It's your best choice. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Customers who purchased sdhc card 16gb also viewed sdhc card 4gb, sdhc card mini. With your support, we can do better.
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sdhc card 16gb Customers Reviews

  • PNY Class 4 Micro SDHC

    posted by BBooster

    Good card, great storage capacity, came neatly packaged and looks just like the 'real deal' as in sandisk or something. Works in most of my devices that hold the cards, except for the one I bought it for, that was a pity.
    I don't get why the packaging has to be this big though, I mean the card is so tiny, why does it need a huge cardboard boxing, with a plastic casing almost three times as big? Waste of plastic!
    Good card, safely (very) packaged, works fine, feels good, reads perfectly into the reader slot of my laptop. Good price for the data amount. I recommend it!
  • lots of space, for small amount!

    posted by manjh

    Until now I have been using a high speed 4GB card in my Pentax K10D DSLR. But for an upcoming long trip, I wasn't sure if that would be enough to store all pictures during that trip. So I decided to buy an extra 4GB. When shopping through the dx.com stock, I found this Class-10 16GB card, for a very reasonable price! Forget the 4GB card, it will be in my camera pouch as backup only. This 16GB card will store almost 10.000 high resolution jpg pictures!
    nothing, really... except that I will keep my eyes open for 32 or even 64 GB cards....
    If you need more space on SD, get this card....
  • Very good !

    posted by cyriusbe

    Fast, reliable until now, used every day in my archos 101 it tablet, lot of space and cheap (half the price at moment of buy).I think the speed is faster than the internal tabled memory (16gb). i should try to boot on it.I can say that this product here in my country is very expensive in relation to what DX sells it.Among the features of this product I can mention the following:- real capacity of 16 GB- Quick access- Good quality materialCertainly a good purchase.
    Would have a 32gb would be glad :-)
    Best buy at moment of buy, unbeatable.
  • interesting product

    posted by tg0bv7c73uk6tsn

    overall good speed especially in read mode- read : 20 Mo/s- write : 7.2 Mo/s
    write speed is the most disappointed part of this productI'm interested by this item : http://www.dx.com/p/genuine-samsung-class-10-micro-sd-tf-card-16gb-118330higher and similar read/write speed...
    speed tests were achieved in raw brute force manner- read : cat /dev/micro_sd_card_device > /dev/null- write : cat /dev/zero > somewhere_on_micro_sd_card
  • Just works

    posted by Miguel7PR

    This Micro SDHC / TF Memory Card can allow us to use 2 different types of the storage, on the one hand we have a normal Micro SD card and on the other hand can use it as if it were a normal USB memory if we introduce the card in the adapter
    It is very small and convenient
    Good product and good price / quality ratio.It is a product easy to use, and is very useful for all kinds of devices. The option to use the Micro SD card with USB adapter enables the easy exchange of data between devices such as tablets, mobile phones or computers

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