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sdhc card 10

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sdhc card 10 Customers Reviews

  • It´s a very good product. Works like i should

    posted by pordefault

    very good price quality ratio. Very fast to read and write. Works anywhere a micro SD card works. I tried it in a camera, cell phone and computer. It is fast enough for Windows to use it as a "ready boost drive" in my blackberry
    i´ll buy it again. Good Price for a Class 10 card. Also comes in a little plastic case for storing it.
    buy it, you´ll no regret. Didn't have any problems. I'm pretty satisfied with this card. Really good speed
  • Just works

    posted by Miguel7PR

    This Micro SDHC / TF Memory Card can allow us to use 2 different types of the storage, on the one hand we have a normal Micro SD card and on the other hand can use it as if it were a normal USB memory if we introduce the card in the adapter
    It is very small and convenient
    Good product and good price / quality ratio.It is a product easy to use, and is very useful for all kinds of devices. The option to use the Micro SD card with USB adapter enables the easy exchange of data between devices such as tablets, mobile phones or computers
  • Great SDHC Card!

    posted by xxbr3ndanxx

    This works really well and is high speed (Class 6)! Works great in my Pentax camera and i could take over 3000 photos with it! Ok build quality, does seem alright.. anyway.. Great Card!
    3000 photos seem like ALOT for my camera.. i guess i bought a memory card too big for my use! Oh well.. would be great for storage aswell.
    Great Memory Card from DX! I would wait for the price to drop (hopefully) or other cheaper memory cards to be added. Great product otherwise, Thanks DX!
  • Genuine Kingston SDHC 16GB C10 SD card

    posted by harroxelas

    Really fast card.OK pricing.Genuine kingston product.
    It's indeed a genuine kingston card. I even went to their website and checked the code.Bought it for my raspberry pi but it did not work (probably some incompatibility with the reader). But I found another use to it: I put it on my Wii and the load times for wiiware on my sd card actually decreased. It's a fast card.
    It's a fast card and a genuine kingston product. Did not work on my raspberry pi but worked on everything else I plugged it into (PC, camera, Wii).
  • Works perfectly

    posted by FelipeNAlmeida

    It's a Micro SD Card. The price is good and there is nothing wrong with it. The speed is also good. If you're not in a rush to get it, then it's worth the wait.
    It did what it's supposed to do. What else could you want? The adapter should allow you to use it in any device that requires a regular SD card.
    Perfect, good price too. Worth the wait you you're not in a rush.

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