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This is our best sdhc 8gb, they all share a great design and great prices. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

sdhc 8gb Customers Reviews

  • Good Enough

    posted by l1gh7

    - Simple and easy to use, just insert the memroy card and put the adapter inside your computer. - Looks nice. Smooth and curvy with matching black and red colors. - Works just fine. Not much problems here. It simply works as it's supposed to. - Decent transfer speeds. It's around my average speed anyways.
    The little strap that came with it is very useful.
    Aside from the inserting and removing memory card problem, it's a good product.
  • Great product

    posted by siikajonne

    Good quality SD-card with very cheap price and its fast. I bought it because i lost my old memory card.Post package was in great condition and nothing of the products was damaged
    Sorry my english is bad. My camera model is Canon powershot A1200 HD
    Best regards, guy from Finland
  • Original Sandisk memory.

    posted by GusdeCaballito

    Original and genuine SanDisk SDHC SD memory. Cheap and fast. It works great in my photo camera.
    The product is great and is worth the price.
    The product is okey and is worth the price. No problem at all. Buy this product.
  • Best Deal

    posted by martindbr

    It's a real Sandisk memory, does anything you need from a memory card of these kind of micro SD. very good deal if you want a good price and an excellent quality.
    good deal, i'm very happy with this buy. the shipment was very VERY long, it takes more than one month from i bought it, but it's arrives and this is the important :)
    sorry for my bad english :S i'm not english-speaker
  • It's Real, and it Works

    posted by GuardianFlash

    RealOk speedworks8gb 20 bucks
    It's real and it works. I'm able to take over 1,700 photos at 12mp with my camera. 8gb might not sound a lot, but it's a lot! Good transfer speed. Too bad it's not class 6, but class 4 is still pretty fast. It looks legit, even got kingston's website listed and stuff. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. When I went to get my new digital camera few weeks ago, they tried to convince me to buy a 8gb memory card. Kept telling me I need at least 8gb since my camera's 12mp. I bought the card and then returned it for a $30 4gb. $60 for a memory card just too expensive. 4gb already allow me to take around 670 photos at 12mp. With this new 8gb kingston card it gives me over 1,300 shots. Of course I would never take that many photos, but 8gb is really good for video recording. $20 for 8gb SDHC class 4, how can you beat that? Best purchase ever!


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