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sdhc 10 16gb

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  • Average investment

    posted by redhearer

    This particular card is rated as a class 10 and therefore have a minimum of 10MB a sec. After using 5 different benchmark programs on 2 computers and an Android phone my results were: Writing speed: 6-8.6 MByte/s, Reading speed: 15-18.2 MByte/s.
    This card is highly rated by numerous computer hardware websites that benchmark flash card memory. On all of those sites the benchmarks show this card exceeding it's rated write speed of 10MB/s (most by double the rated speed).
    Average investment
  • Excelent product

    posted by GENJAO

    - Fast- Big capacity- small- Works very well, never had any trouble- Comes with some sort of sticker with 3d label like a credit card showing authehticity- Great price
    If you are in doubt between this and another brand more famous and more expensive, buy this one. This is no fake and has no defects.
    Buy it, no regrets! Grat product, great quality.
  • Good card, buy it if you need it

    posted by alvarogmj

    It's a good card, and the fact that it is Kingston makes me confident about its quality.
    If you need a Class 10 card, the price is hard to beat. But if you need the capacity, go for a lower class card.
    If you need a class 10 card, the price is hard to beat. But only HD cameras and higly demanding devices will require a class 10, if you only want the capacity, a class 2 or class 4 card is a lot cheaper.
  • fast good price/benefit micro SDHC

    posted by TheSurak

    FastTested on Nokia N900reasonable price for fast 16 GB micro SDHC
    Tested copying 434 MB of X264 videos from computer to N900 through USB 2.0 to N900 main memory and to the card (writing). Almost the same time (almost 1 min) for both copies. Copying from N900 main memory and the card to the computer (reading) also nearly the same time for both (almost 30 s). This means at least 7-8 MB/s average for writing.Already filled 11 GB+ of data, so it appears to have the capacity claimed.
    Definitively a value buy for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Great SD Card

    posted by leandrex

    - Low price- Big storage size (real checked 16Gb; not a faked card)- Many applications (HD videorecording, OS drive for Raspberry Pi and the like)- Legit product (Trascend)
    I bought this SD card to use it as main storage in a Raspberry Pi, and it looks like it will be an excellent choice. The storage size is perfect for the OS and for storing media files to play through the Pi.Another perferct application would be for HD video recording, as 16 GB can store really big video files.
    The perfect choice for handheld devices where big storage size is a must.

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