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  • Cheap, yet very usable

    posted by paulrademaker

    Unbelievable easy to understand the working of the equipment. Setting it up has cost me only 15 minutes. Very nice! A car charger with 3 meters cable. So very satisfactory to have the cable around the frontscreen. Also the suction cup works very good. Amazingly the quality of the video taken is better then expected. I installed it behind the back view mirror, and it is almost invisible. (With the screen unfolded)
    It starts when the engine is turned on and stops when you shut off your car. Very good!
    A neat instrument for only 20 dollars. It does what it is meant for. So i'm happy with it.
  • Ideal for the camera bag

    posted by TinyTurtle

    Card readers are a dime a dozen, but this one is a bit of a favorite of mine - I just bought two more!Consider the size. This one is small enough to store in one of those memory card pockets in my camera bags. Often when I need to transfer images to a PC which isn't my own it lacks a built-in SD card reader and for those occasions it's so nice to be able to reach into my bag and produce one of these. Since they don't cost anything really I can have one in each bag.Also, the description is incorrect. Mine readily accepts 32GB SDHC cards som the "16GB max" is plain wrong.Since I don't use CompactFlash cards or MemorySticks it's better to have this smaller unit instead of a reader which takes multiple formats.The transfer speeds are fineIt handles regular SD cards as well as SDHCThere's a second slot on the side for microSD (aka TransFlash) cards.The cap over the USB connector is reasonably secure.There's a loop for a lanyardThe plastic feels durable
    I've had a couple of SKU #59219 card readers (also from "Siyoteam") and those have literally fallen apart and more importantly - Two PCs of mine have had problem identifying the #59219 reader when inserted, but this #125502 one works just fine on the same machine.
    For the price it's a steal and if your camera uses SD cards (few doesn't these days) I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to have one of these in their camera bag.
  • Easy to use, plug and play even under Android

    posted by dracnegre66

    Great reader, you can read and copy from a Android tablet or mobile phone, and paste it to a pc through a SD card (or another type accepted, I always using a SD card)Also, you can copy to the other way.
    It's easy to use, plug and play on Windows and even under Android systems. You don't need to purchase these expensive pendrives with one USB in and antoher microUSB in, you can use your old SD (or TF, but I don't use these) cards to copy your files from your PC to your phone or tablet.
    Easy to use.
  • Big screen and good price!

    posted by DraculaM

    - The screen is big.
    - The corners are rounded, so that it looks better.
    - Fast reading of the memory card/usb.
    - Transition of the photos is fast and has lot of effects.
    - Play videos smoothly.
    - The sound is loud for its size.
    - The auto power-on-off function is awesome.
    - The remote control works fine, but it should have a button for the clock, as it has for the calendar.
    - Excellent product to have in a family house.
  • Great DVD Player Joyous J-2615MX 6.2"

    posted by luisata

    Joyous J-2615MX 6.2" Seems really nice, came well packaged on a big cardboard box and good foam protective inserts.The display seems good quality with a glossy not reflective finish. the resistive screen works very good. The display has adjustable brightness, clor and contrast.
    Came with GPS antenna, an USB WiFi adapter, so the unit could conect to WiFi networks, a DVD remote controller, my previously installed (non included) reverse camera works great, the big screen is good for reversing. Seems easy to install, altought in my car was difficult because of a factory amplifyer (toyota camry 2005), but in "normal" cars must be really easy.
    plays any DVD really good, it is not android, it´s windows CE (I think) so you can not download applications or move the icons to re-arrange them as desired, but it´s good anyway.Hope it last many years.

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