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  • Easy to use, plug and play even under Android

    posted by dracnegre66

    Great reader, you can read and copy from a Android tablet or mobile phone, and paste it to a pc through a SD card (or another type accepted, I always using a SD card)Also, you can copy to the other way.
    It's easy to use, plug and play on Windows and even under Android systems. You don't need to purchase these expensive pendrives with one USB in and antoher microUSB in, you can use your old SD (or TF, but I don't use these) cards to copy your files from your PC to your phone or tablet.
    Easy to use.
  • Just what i was looking for

    posted by bad1z

    when i got this i bought several different other adapters hoping that one of them would be SDHC compatible and i was happy when i tested this out and found out that it is, it also came in its own plastic caseGreat PriceSupports SDHCand came with its own plastic case
    if i ever need a new adapter ill be buying another one of these
    great price supports SDHC
  • Cool

    posted by Fabian114

    It was hard to find an goed price/quality XD picture card. With this adaptator, now i can use micro SD memory in my camera.-keep your money (microSD is cheaper than XD picture card)-keep your pocket space( 4 microSD is smaller than XD pict, i use 4 cards)-easier to find SD (more constructor for micro SD, more Shop)-simple to use(just put your SD in the adaptator).By putting the SD directly in my Android Tab, i can review or edit the picture directly on the tablette during my travels, it was not possible with an XD pict.
    attention: highly recommanded
    i am very happy to find this adaptatorbuy it with a new microSD in place of an expencive XD picture card.Thank you DX
  • Overall good quality with value for money

    posted by ConcreteDonkey

    - Takes up to 8GB MicroSD cards- Much cheaper than a Pro Duo Card- Simple to use
    Overall I think that this adapter card is extremely good value for money especially in comparison to the alternative of buying an official Pro Duo Card. However I am worried about data corruption, at the current time I use it in my PSP with most of the space being used with emulators however I regularly backup my saves. With that being said I am using two official SanDisk MicroSD cards and I have yet to experience any data corruption.
  • Great value for money

    posted by Atlantida360

    Fast read speed and Class 10 compliant write speed. Adapter works correctly. Comfortable and safe pack to carry card + adapter. According my benchmarks (using Crystal Disk Mark) it measures: 64 MB/s seq read, 60 MB/s random read, 20 MB/s seq write, 11 MB/s random write.
    Fast shipping time (may be because of its small size).
    Recommendable product. Good quality and good price.

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