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  • Value for money

    posted by asita

    Low priceAuto on-off or motion sensing modeAuto cycling of memory write (erase old files for new files to be written)LCD is off when started, only on when you flip it open (compared to SKU 35356 which is on even when not flipped open. Only turns off when you flip it open and then close it).Sufficiently clear video to show sequence of events, but not enough to see all license plates.Passable night video capability (only on brightly lit roads)Allows 3 choices of recording length, 2/5/15 min.Records audio too.Wide angle (120deg).
    Tested with Kingston 32GB SDHC Class 10. Should record at 640*480 as any above shows no improvementMotion sensing mode will capture fixed (2/5/15 min) upon trigger.
    Gotta be realistic at this price level. Video is good for showing what happened, but some finer details will be lost. Lots of good useful features like auto-cycling of memory, auto on/off, motion sensing, etc. Basically a 'install and forget' device. Once configured and installed, needs no further attention.Useful for accident investigation and recording road trips.
  • This is a standard SD card module

    posted by blazeit

    The build quality looks good. There are no soldering or component placement issues that I can see.The mounting holes on the end will come in handy later on when my project is complete.They came with anti-static foam into which the pins were embedded.
    This is a standard SD card module, not a micro SD card module. If you want a micro SD card module where you don't need an adapter then this is not for you.I made the mistake of thinking that micro SD cards went directly into it.
    Good price for what you get provided that you know what you are getting.
  • A great little camera

    posted by piller

    +The buildquality is GREAT! Its plastic but very sturdy.+It comes with a real retailbox out of metal, i could easily give this away as a present.+I use this for shoting video, and the quality is prettygood.+Great conversationstarter. 8/10 times when u use it like a real camera (holding it up in your face) someone will come to you and ask about it "wow is that really a camera?"+Small size and can be used for like spying. I use it to record pickups and other :)+It has a feature where it can be used for survilence, record when motion. Didnt use this motion+The audio is pretty good.+Good manual on the CD that comes with it
    Eventhough i am pleased with the videoquality it could allways be better. I hope to see a next generation one.
    You should not buy it if you think you will get super full HD. But its supersmall and costs only $18, so i dont think anyone expect that anyway.If i lose this one i would buy this one one more time :)
  • Quite a punch in a little pack!

    posted by Evilfish

    This small player sounds great, and also features a tremendous volume for so small package. I am using passive speakers on it, and need to keep the volume low to not disturb others.
    I bought this player for a project, but probably I will buy at least two more for other ideas I got after seeing how good it sounds. The front can be easily removed for modding. All connections are easily accessible for the same purpose.
    Buy it.
  • Very Good

    posted by VingadorJ2

    Its easy to use, lightweight, have a good resolution.
    It is a good gadget to use in tight spaces, especially if you do not intend to use it for scanning images at high resolution.
    If you want one handyscan cheap and with a good resolution, it is a good choice. The fast consumption of batteries is easy to get around using rechargeable batteries.


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