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sd memory card class 6

Welcome to our sd memory card class 6 online shop. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. micro sd card class 6, 32gb sd card class 6 may be more suitable for you. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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sd memory card class 6 Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by Fastereus

    Packaging dense that ??????????? damage during transportation, cma TF is under the protection of thick plastic, all looks very nice
    Shows the declared ??????????????
    Work on :
    I would like to package more reliable , and for it to store and to transport.
    What else can you tell me about such a simple them. it in completely worth the money, looks qualitatively , works , does not cause any complaints and problems.
    Bought for installation in a tablet because on my old class2 bad showed a video now there are no problems.
  • Works well, verified 4GB (not a fake)

    posted by Malvineous

    Ran it through ScanFlash (available on GitHub) and it reported the device 100% functional, all 4GB is available so the item is definitely not a fake (although you would be wise to confirm this yourself just in case!)
    Plugged it into a USB 3.0 SD card reader in a USB 3.0 port and it read at 14MB/sec and wrote at just over 8MB/sec. Nice that they call it Class 6 when it performs just a little better than Class 6!
    Not the fastest card in the world but it doesn't claim to be, and it's still faster than advertised. If it is fast enough for your needs, then you can't go wrong. Plus for me I used my DXpoints so I got it for free! Can't beat that :-)
  • Excellent card for an excellent price

    posted by CerealWizard

    - Works in any device(PC, tablet, cellphones...) - Has a really good reading speed(I was lacking on flash drives... And I have use it to install operating systems just fine with it) - Its cheap - Great adapter
    Please, put this card on a pretty package! This one deserves it...
    You can buy this card. I guarantee that it will fulfill your needs.
  • Perfect for anyone who likes to travel, or just take pictures og film.

    posted by 1854boboobob

    My camera worked right away, when I used the memory-card, I am helping a friend to take pictures of things, that are for sale, easy to use if your camera can be pluged to a computer, it is three clicks and you will have all the pictures on you laptop.
    Good prize, good and solid, it is what you see on dx.com, it does what it is suppose to do, after all it is a memory-card, you want get one 32 GB for this kind of money in my country.
    It works perfectly.

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