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sd card Customers Reviews

  • Great Quality Card Case!

    posted by wandredeselva

    1) Very hard construction2) Well waterproofness3) You can hold 12 cards ( 8 SD cards + 4 Flash Cards) together4) Economy of space5) Gain in organization of your cards6) Very very good and resistant material7) I didn't test if it is waterproof, but the excelent quality of ruber ring, made me believe on it. 8) It seems to me that it is shockproof to
    It is so good and resistant as a case from famous (profesional) products.
    quality, roughness and funcionality
  • Good card, buy it if you need it

    posted by alvarogmj

    It's a good card, and the fact that it is Kingston makes me confident about its quality.
    If you need a Class 10 card, the price is hard to beat. But if you need the capacity, go for a lower class card.
    If you need a class 10 card, the price is hard to beat. But only HD cameras and higly demanding devices will require a class 10, if you only want the capacity, a class 2 or class 4 card is a lot cheaper.
  • Very good qulity for price

    posted by 1234armitt

    Really high speed data transfer rate frees up the camera for use when downloading the previous days photoshoot from the SD card to the PC - which is why I bought it. I, may also buy one for my iPhone to speed retrieval of telephone numbers from mt6he as well as more rapid retrieval of phone telephone directory etc... Came in an easy to open clear rigid plastic pack which was so easy to open - thanks, I usually have to either destroy the packaging or resort to using knives to open. This pack was the best packaging I have come across for such items. Downwardly compatible.
    May get a bit cheaper as time goes by - things like this usually do but the present price still represents great value for money. I usually misplace these and end up buying another and then find the one that I was originally looking for.
    Glad I bought it - highly recommended
  • I'm so inlove with this camera

    posted by o0blueberry0o

    -I love pink ,so I love the color if this camera.
    -It's so light with the battery on you wont believe it.
    -Really well made, has a great quality.
    -If you make a video outside with good lightening you will have an awesome quality, of course it's HD for sure, but if you are inside with not good lightening it wont look pretty good.
    -You can take pictures but with no flash only the to leds on the sides.
    -You can watch your videos in any television conecting your cam with the tv.
    -You can film at the same time as you have the cam conected to the tv.
    -You can use it as a web cam but I didn't try that because I use a laptop with a webcam .
    -I both a tripod from the site also and it fit perfect in the camera.
    -It's so easy to use and has many posibilitys.
    -Because it's so cheap I feel that I can use it anywere(my last digital camera I lost it in a roller coster, not fun)
    -Everyone that saw it thinks it's amazing for this price.
    I bought a tripod for 2 dollars and also a lenovo 8G sd card for less than 20 dollars here in the site and works great with the camera , great combo.
    It's a must buy thing. if you don't like pink you have blue, green and yellow, you can't miss this oportunity I think it's one of the best deals I made on this site.
  • Muy bueno

    posted by Forestyle

    -Rápido-Pequeño y totalmente portable-Al ser portable, junto con una tarjeta se puede llevar a cualquier parte y es más conveniente que un pendrive (memoria flash).-Más práctico que conectar el celular directamente, ya que hay que tener el cable de datos, drivers, etc. todo eso se ahorra con este dispositivo.
    Bueno, nada más que decir que es muy cómodo, portable, liviano y la lectura / escritura es rápida.
    Muy conveniente, es de excelente calidad y el precio es muy barato, muy práctico ya que para celular por ejemplo, nos ahorramos instalar drivers y usar cables, pudiendo pasar datos de celular a pc y viceversa en cualquie parte. El diseño es un poco fémino, pero por lo bien que funciona da lo mismo.


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