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On this page, you can find a wide selection of sd card module. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. View more by looking at 4gb sd card, 2gb sd card. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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sd card module Customers Reviews

  • Excellent device, excellent price.

    posted by jgyprime

    Very small device for it's capabilitiesIt can play without problems mp3 audio files from usb devices and sd cards (did not test mmc card because i don't have one). Input/output ports are labeled correctly (left, right, ground)Power port is labeled (power and ground).Working voltages: it started working on approximately 5 Volts, tested it up to 30 V (I let it play for 1 hour on 30 V supply) and no problems (no heating, no audio issues), thanks to 7805 power regulator.Even if it came without wires to connect it, I soldered the wires directly to the PCB (removed the plugs).Bluetooth playback is excellent, it played audio from a phone located ~5 meters away, without problemsRadio tuner works great but only if you solder a wire to the ant pin (any wire can act as an antenna)Line in is also without problemsRemote controller works great.
    It would have been nice if it rememberes the last used input device. For the moment it starts from usb / sd.I powered it off from radio / bluetooth and on the next power on it started from usb / sd.Also, it would have been nice if the device remembered the last state before power loss. Mine poweres on by itself when receiving power, even if it was off the last time it started.
    Very good device to use in car / home.A set of home speakers can be adapted to work with this device.Also you can connect this device to the aux-in port of the built-in audio system of your car if you don't want to change it or if the audio system controls other functions of the car (like the board computer)
  • Very good for your SD Projects!

    posted by schrist

    Very easy to use module!with a little knowlage about arduino you can realize very nice sd-projects mith this module.All pins are twice!
    The module is a little too large.You can only use a normal SD card.There is no other format, for example mini oder micro sd-card. You need the sd-adapter for using other cards.Another micro-version would be nice for smaler projects.
    Good for all your DIY projects!!!
  • Good Gadget

    posted by Julpsy

    It works and didn't encounter any problem with the product.Very easy to use and definitely this product are for those who want to extend/use a bigger storage in tablets/smartphones e.g 256GB SDXC Memory Card,where microsd still haven't even came out a 128GB capacity version.
    Wish that it came in black or white colour,and not brown,so this may match the exterior colours of most pc products.Another thought is,wish it was provided a piece of double-sided adhesive to make the product stay put and doesn't move.
    Definitely a well-thought product.It is not widely available in most places.....so this this the place to buy it.Highly recommended store!
  • Awesome device for a reasonable price

    posted by Lauriz

    Good sound qualityCheap!EqualizerPossible to forward/rewind tracks from SD/USB.Automatically plays music from bluetooth device (once bluetooth mode is turned on), Possible to switch/play/pause songs on bluetooth device!FM Radio works without problems.High volume output level
    The neccesary connectors could be included.
    A very good device, i really like it. I thought that it bluetooth pairing will be difficult, but it is very easy! The only one disadvantage - it does not come with the neccesary connectors.
  • good sd interfacing

    posted by cnxadi

    good and cheap sd card slot for interfacing using spi to microcontrollers , quality is good , and the size is smaller than the other products ..
    very good and works well , the pins are labeled correctly and if there is no 3.3 volt source it can accepts 5 volt source also ..
    good for projects that need sd card reading/writing , not hard to use , same as any SD card library, quality is good also.. recommended .

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