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screwdriver set Customers Reviews

  • Very good set of screwdrives!

    posted by Maanichka

    All metal parts are in a very good built quality.It fits all the screws well and doesn't break. The screwdriver is also magnetic - super for screwing iron screws!A lot of screwing bit kinds - it contain all bites I know.
    All of the tools are perfect and really superb for this price.
    If you don't use precision screw drivers every day then this is the right set for you. Buy it if you need a complete precision set.
  • Nice

    posted by tarasoki

    Strong lightweight, the cap screws well. Tips withstand some tension. Very compact very handy. A must. Fits all the bits inside. The magnet holds really well. If you can find other tips it works well with those too.
    Works really well!!! Compact, light, strong up to a point, really handy!!! A very usefull too to carry around well packaged too!
    Well its actually not a con, but its only for smalls screws, take it in account when u buy, not big screws, just small ones, its for precision screws.
  • Very good, it fits in your pocket and may save your life anytime

    posted by rmelato

    Its a very compact and small tool. Camuflates as a regular key at one's keychain. Silver (natural material) color makes them fit your keychain perfectly - you will not notice it if you don't know they are there. Discreto e conveniente em qualquer momento.
    Não tenho nenhuma outra opinião, é apenas um chaveiro no formato de chave. It's not an expensive tool. It might be usefull sometime.
    As the other review says "A good choice if you have a need to (un)screw something when you are away from your home tools."
  • Very useful set of screwdrivers

    posted by Tooha

    Wide variety of screwdriver bits in shapes and sizes I didn't even know existed before getting the set.
    The handle's rubber body allows for a good grip, metal tip holds the bits securely. Thin design is good for electronics.
    After a month of use on computer components, the Philips bit is still in good condition.
    Nitpicks aside, this set has a bigger variety of screwdriver bits than I have a use for, and so far they seem resistant to wear and tear. I feel this is the only screwdriver set I'd need for years. The tweezers are a nice touch, came useful for picking up screws that fell onto the motherboard while repairing a computer.
    Great variety, good quality (screwdriver bits, not so much with the plastic case). No regrets buying this.
  • Not bad, but not too good either!

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Well, its a pretty complete set for small DIY projects and electronic repairs, like phones and laptops. I bought it mostly for the set of screwdrivers but the rest makes it a good set.
    I would buy it again if I needed a similiar setup.
    It may not last long on daily use, but you can always glue the screwdrivers if the plastic part breaks.

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