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screwdriver set Customers Reviews

  • Good gear for its money

    posted by WoRsTeNBoY

    Comes in nice box, closes very nice,
    the yellow grip is from a soft rubber material, but is not too weak, it feels nice to the fingers,
    the quality of the metal used also seems ok
    i used these to disassemble my iPhone and they felt very nice to use, the screws where stuck to it by magnetic force, (i just don't know if that is thnx to the screwdrivers or the screws.. so these could me magnetic)
    There is one screwdriver for bolts, this is rather strange in a set with 3 flat screwdrivers and 2 cross
    1 extra cross would have been nice,
    this is not really a con, but a personal preference..
    Good product!
  • Bargain, Above Average Quality. I like it a lot.

    posted by FlashHolica

    Nice case, Looks well made, bits are clean.. Pro's Kit(R) ISO 9001 certified (so it saids).
    No regret for the price. Handle bugs me though. Never owned a messed up screwdriver before.
    For the price, it's not bad. It will get used regularly so I'll find out real soon how dependable this kit is.
  • good set

    posted by apazdun

    A good set. There is everything you need in one small bag. This is just great!Now, I myself can make out the wheel, seal camera, assemble, pump up the camera and go on!All in a small bag that is easy to zpkrepit on the bicycle frame, and always carry with them.Very low price and excellent quality! I'm happy
    This kit should be for everyone cyclistVery low price and excellent quality!
    Now, I myself can make out the wheel, seal camera, assemble, pump up the camera and go on!Very low price and excellent quality!
  • versatile kit

    posted by dudufantastico

    very nice kit, have much tools , compact case. I have a motorcycle and i bought this kit for use in my motorcycle a good for this. Excelent to use in emergency situation. In plier have plier, small scissors, knife, socket to small parts, rasp, small saw, bottle opener, can opener and a nib
    don't recommended to use as main tools, on machine shop, for example, but i recommend as a emergency tools.
    i recommend this product.
  • Slight chance of not being the best

    posted by NNJJHH

    Very good quality. I haven't found anything I couldn't dissasemble with it yet.Great grip, magnetic bits so they won't come off plus they hold the tiny screws so you don't lose those either.The tweezers are very handy.Awesome box for keeping them all neatly stored.All screw heads are labeled, as well as their matching spot in the box. OCD-friendly! :D
    I wish it had a warning when opening it XD the slots for the screw heads tilt upwards when opening the box, and since the spring is real strong, I almost eject them all towards my pc :P
    If you can find the one with the extender, you might want to consider buying that one instead. Otherwise, the tweezers are real handy for those screws that won't come out and just sit there turning in place.If you're into electronics and the like, you NEED this.


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