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  • Good electronic tool

    posted by quiquem

    Magnetized, good quality and many sizes (6 in 1 set) for a mobile phones, electronic. Design is very good for a cheap tool.With this tool is difficult to be out of shape and broken the hard screw head when is using.
    If you have a iPhone 4, iPad, you need theese to open them. The 1.2mm cross screwdriver is perfect.
    Is a multi-function opening tool: much better way to keep screwdrivers neat than six different tools.
  • This one fits my iphone 4

    posted by heng84

    well i was worried about all those comments i read from users that some of the star shaped screw drivers sold here is either too big or too small... im glad that this item worked for my iphone4... it fits well.. and i was able to change my iphone4 home button with this thank god. it saves me $$$
    im from malaysia, i dont know do they have any sorts of iphone based on regions or they were all same.. because i saw some of my friends using iphone 4 from earlier batch their iphones screw were philips (+) shaped and some later batch were in star shaped. so im not too sure..
  • Good tool

    posted by feli0826

    I was looking for a screwdriver to open cell phones and this screwdriver is perfect. T5 is useful for many brand of cell phones and T2 for some laptops, the quality is good and it comes in red :D
    It is a good screwdriver the size is ok for work in cell phones and laptopsHas a nice red color
    Quality that works, for the price you don´t get any better screwdriver
  • Worked fine, it opened it and closed my iPhone 4 Verizon phone

    posted by JohnnyCache

    -Reasonably priced.-Does the job.-Allowed me to get into my phone/replace battery/and tighten it to close it back up.-Did not break or strip out.
    I bought this for my iPhone 4 (Verizon model). I needed to replaced my battery and this little gem got me in and back out without any problems.Check your phone before you order the 5 point driver because not all the phones have this, although if you have had it serviced then it will have them. Mine had them since it was brand new.
    Well worth the price, if I loose mine or someone borrows it and doesn't return it I would not hesitate to buy this exact model again. Without this little driver I would have not been able to replace my battery!
  • Nice for that money....

    posted by MACKIEYU

    Nice screwdriver for Iphone 4 and I phone 4s phones....everyone should use it....its cheap and work :) Handle is made of plastic material but it good when you hold it in your hands....easy to use...i didnt use it very much so i cant say is it made od good steel but screws on iphone are not so tight so no need to hard steel materials this one is very good and nice....
    Cheap and nice you should buy it... :)


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