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screw silver Customers Reviews

  • Great adaptor

    posted by martinspasovski

    It helps me use my manfrotto heads on slik tripods and on slik monopods. It is all metal very precise, and has no give or wobbly effect once has been tightened normally.Before this product i was unable to use my manfrotto head paired with my slik monopod.. simply because the manfrotto's have larger screw, this had eliminated all of the problems..
    It is a great nifty gadget that will help you to use different manufacturers heads with your monopods or tripods
    Great little product.. and the price is very good..
  • Great Product

    posted by ldaney

    Very good extractor, metal is rough and it comes with a plastic case to keep them organized.Helped me with 2 pieces of metal I had on a wall, I put the extractors and pulled with a clamp force and extracted them.
    Good Product, excellent priceIf you want to have a good kit to repair your house one of those can´t be left out.
    Very Recommended
  • A very good terminal block that can handle large currents

    posted by Pjanus

    A very good terminal block to the fraction of the price of similar units in Sweden. Good and solid build with a protective transparent plastic window on the front. Good current handling abilities (tested with 20A @ 230 V 50 Hz AC for 15 minutes) and hard to overheat.
    The screw terminals are a little bit small for my taste (m4) which makes it hard to directly attach cables, but with some round cable shoes that issue is solved.
    A very useful and good product for a decent price
  • You'll never know when it would be needed

    posted by dunantar

    Better to have one or two of this than not being able to use an important part of gear (clamp, magic arm) for not having one. The two options (1/4" , 3/8") is very useful and gives you versatility. As you can see on the video I use it normally to attach it to a clamp so it can have a male end ;-)It is well finished.
    I have this option and also the 1/4" to 1/4"and 3/8" to 3/8"This little tiny pieces and connectors are all packed in a ordered box and they save my life at every work
    Carry in your tool bag pliers because sometimes it becomes difficult to retire it ;-)
  • Well made, just make sure you want Torx bits

    posted by TommyImages_com

    It's well made and looks nice. It's just the right diameter to give you good torque yet still allow you to turn it quickly. The all aluminum construction is nice.
    I bought this not realizing most of the bits are Torx. I can't knock the product since it was my mistake but just make sure that's what you are looking for if you buy it.
    A good buy if you are looking for a jeweler's screwdriver with torx bits.

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