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screw driver toolkit

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screw driver toolkit Customers Reviews

  • Useful for all kinds of electronics!

    posted by Tommytheboy

    - ULTRA Cheap- Holds the heads for the disassembly of basically any small electronic device- Magnetic (disclaimer: could be stronger)- Good solid grip
    I am very interested in electronics and I have disassembled and repaired a lot of my friends laptops and phones and this little set has proven beyond useful even for the trickiest of devices. I have not encountered a screw in any of the devices I disassembled which this set would not have a match for.
    For the price of a regular lunch in a restaurant (at least where I live) this is an epic set. Some of the heads are quite worn out after almost 2 years of regular use, so I will probably order a new one soon.
  • Great toolkit

    posted by osen87

    Great toolkit for precision screwdriver needs. I've had trouble finding small enough torx bits where I live for a reasonable price. I have used it for opening Xbox 360 HDD and a few other things. The bits seems to be pretty good quality and hardened so they don't bend easily as some cheap bits does.
    A great kit to have if you are into electronics DIY. I get very irritated when I have to search in my toolbox for the right size screwdriver and sometimes doesn't have it. With this kit I will save both time and work.
  • It's a must-have tool for any professional or curious worker

    posted by rafaelsds2

    Excelent tools, look very resistant. Very good build quality The small Torx T3 an T4 are surprisingly strong. It opens anything, cell phones, videogames, controllers, almost any electronic device
    I bought a similar one on the streets and the Torx T4 tool worn out by the time i opened the second cell phone. This one, though, i've opened about a dozen devices and is still brand new.
    Excelent product, pretty good price, opens almost everything. I recommend it!
  • Best all in one screwdriver

    posted by psymandrake

    Common headsbright flashlight on front AND single LED flashlight on back to light up screwdriver tipcomes with batteries
    this will be nice to keep in my truck for emergencies
    I wouldnt use this on a daily basis because of shape and possible durability issues, but it is perfect to have around for small jobs and emergencies
  • Great tool!

    posted by truchisoft

    Has 8 screwdrivers in one, plus a strong light to illuminate what you are doing (something you will find really useful very quickly), feels sturdy and its really handy
    Having recently moved from my parent's house to my own, i found my lack of screwdrivers to be worrisome, since i was facing the purchase of furniture and fixing of the tidybits of the new howse, i found this to be an excelent tool for everything i needed
    If you already have a set of screwdrivers at home and at the car, dont bother.
    If not, BUY IT NOW!

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