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screw driver piece Customers Reviews

  • It's a must-have tool for any professional or curious worker

    posted by rafaelsds2

    Excelent tools, look very resistant. Very good build quality The small Torx T3 an T4 are surprisingly strong. It opens anything, cell phones, videogames, controllers, almost any electronic device
    I bought a similar one on the streets and the Torx T4 tool worn out by the time i opened the second cell phone. This one, though, i've opened about a dozen devices and is still brand new.
    Excelent product, pretty good price, opens almost everything. I recommend it!
  • Big Crooked Sticker

    posted by FlightInWinter

    These are inexpensive and serve their intended purpose. Fits the screws on many pocket knives.
    I have several star bits but nothing small enough to fit certain items and I couldn't find any locally. I took a chance that these would fit and they did.
    If you purchase a pocket knives here and they arrive loose or they come loose, you will probably be able to tighten them up with these tools.
  • Screw set review

    posted by Vincent781

    For a short period of time i was getting involved in the repair of cell phones for friends and family. The regular screw drivers you have around the house won't work. Neither will the screw drivers used for computers. This set comes with a lot of tips, good for opening up many electronic devices.
    I think I would prefer to have the tips in a separate case for weight reasons.
    This item is a good buy with many useful tips. I would recommend this to others.
  • All you need for de/reconstruction of nintendo

    posted by henryccs

    +All I needed to open cases for Nintendo products
    +Handle colour is as shown and is very nice
    +I love it so much that I have at least 5 pair of these
    +Pretty damn cheap
    What if they made these better?
    If you don't care of looks but only care about value and looks then get this! Otherwise get the full 6 piece screwdriver kit!
  • JUST IN CASE...a little bit of everything

    posted by atylahr

    you know when you get into those situations that you wanna ''take a look'' at a loose screw, a squeaky connection to tighten a pair of sunglasses or even dismantle a laptop or cell phone on site AND YOU DON'T HAVE THE TOOLS, well not anymore pick your favorite bits and always be ready
    you can use other bits you have at home to fill the pill of the screwdriver, whichever setup suits your needs
    not really a main tool, but an excellent just in case tool you just gotta have with you, ALWAYS, pair it up with foldable pliers and you're good to go :)

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