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Check out the great screw driver 9 to see if there is any that suits you. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

screw driver 9 Customers Reviews

  • Great tool for cell phones.

    posted by Pielemans

    Very use full tol for repairing cell phones. I used it on my Motorizr Z3 an it worked like a charm.
    I even like the aluminum body very good grip.
    Great tool. Get it, if you want to be a Cell pone repairman like me...!!
  • Quite nice scredriver

    posted by kadiwara

    - A lot of TORX bits, so you can open nearly every cell phone, laptop or any other electronics you want to open- The quality of the bits is quite nice --> good price for good quality
    I`m rally pleasured with this product, because of it`s price and it`s build quality. I would buy this one another time, if I would need a new screw driver.I've opened a few laptops and a few cell phones with it, so i`m able to say something about the quality ;-)
    Buy it, buy it, buy it!! It`s really helpfull if you do some electronic stuff, but I think also everyone else should have it
  • Very good screwdrivers for your phone

    posted by pablo285

    Very solid metal build.Easy to handle, feels good in your hand.They are magnetic - very helpful when you work with tiny screws.A good combination of screwheads - so far I dismantled everything I needed (or wanted ;) )Internal storage is very practical.A practical pen-like clip - fits into your breastpocket neatly. :)
    The flat screwdriver is good if you can't open your phone cover with your fingernail - watch for scratches though.
    A great deal for the price.
  • VERY good value- opens blackberries, and others

    posted by skiier111

    VERY good product, great quality from what I paid, and seems like if I use it gently and not abuse it with stuck screws, it'll last a lifetime....really great magnetic thing
    great for small objects
    Go for it if you need a pen type screwdriver.I could only fit all but 1 of the bits in the cap, the other is on the bottom, which is fine, as I use it most.Less than a week shipping to Canada, something is happening with DX, and I like it!
  • Big Crooked Sticker

    posted by FlightInWinter

    These are inexpensive and serve their intended purpose. Fits the screws on many pocket knives.
    I have several star bits but nothing small enough to fit certain items and I couldn't find any locally. I took a chance that these would fit and they did.
    If you purchase a pocket knives here and they arrive loose or they come loose, you will probably be able to tighten them up with these tools.

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