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screw diy Customers Reviews

  • Useful and ok quality for normal use

    posted by Nickforumname

    Does what it should.
    I use it at work for electronic work and a lot of torx screws. Works nicely.
    Have not seen any dramatic wear on it due to bad quality material. As long as you use it normally I'm sure these will last a while for most people.
    Nice set to have if you dabble a bit with small electronics and so on.
  • An excellent tool for such costs

    posted by uharius

    Excellent quality. Low price. Precision machining accuracy liners.
    Perfect for building radio control models.
    In general I'm satisfied. The tool performs its function and is not very expensive.
    It is very convenient that the screwdriver has a long shank. To adjust the suspension components have to climb up the car model in remote places - the usual allen key to do it is very difficult, but these screwdrivers with ease.
    Good product - at a good price.
    Who needs a tool for radio-controlled models - I advise to buy.
  • Extremely well priced and useful.

    posted by Benne007

    Has got all the tips you need for around the house mending. Great value, cost a fraction of what I would have payed for a similar product in a hardware store.The handle of the screwdriver feels like a real professional screwdriver.The tips dont chip or break.
    Really well priced, buy it.
    An extremely well priced set of precision screwdrivers which feels like they cost alot more. If you are looking for a good screwdriver for electronics or similar things: buy this.
  • Very good toolkit

    posted by acb13nrv

    This kit has a lot of tips, in a lot of forms.All of them seem to be good quality.You won't apply a lot of force on them so don't expect them to be damaged.Used them for opening mobile phones, laptops, toys...The flexible extension very useful in situations where there's not much space to work.Case is well thought and built.
    could include more tips! ;-)
    A very useful toolkit for electronics, with a good variety of tips. Price is good, go for it.
  • Not so bad, but there are much better items at DX

    posted by Skodnik

    A good set of screwdrivers for each day. Covers most of the routine tasks of disassembling electronic devices.
    Not bad set of screwdrivers. But sku.42369 is much better for me.

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