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screen stylus pen Customers Reviews

  • Very Handy

    posted by stalemate

    - Small size.- Works as expected: precise- Practical dust plug / carry plug fits all stereo headphone jacks snugly.
    - I gave one to my daughter, and we both use them on our phones / tablets:-- BlackBerry Playbook-- Acer Iconia Tab 500 (plugged in)-- LG Optimus (plugged in)-- Motorola Atrix
    For the price, this is a no brainer.I had already purchased a longer stylus for my daughter for 10 times the price, and not only is there no difference in function, we actually prefer the smaller size to the larger one (store bought).We already have one spare, but even if we lose them all we can easily replace them from DX.
  • Useful item

    posted by eoth170189

    Lasser pointer its very sharp at considerable distance, very luminous. Led light very brilliant for it small size. Capacitive stylus works fine, without any problem. you feel it very soft at hand touch, and stylus slide quickly and precise
    Its a little bit thin, and your hand will hurt if you use it for long continuous time (especially if you have a big hand)
    Excellent purchase, lightweight, pleasant to the touch, useful led light and laser, you will love it for presentations
  • Good Pen and Sylus

    posted by Gnappster

    Very light and solid.It can be used in class to operate a device and also take notes.Its lightweight and the material quality is good.The color is uniform and looks elegant.
    It is great if you find yourself using capacitive-screen devices at the same time when you are writing, since you can easily switch between both tasks.
    Its a great value for the price. The quality and appearance are great. But sadly once the ink runs out, it will be just a normal stylus.
  • nice

    posted by ILAN5555

    Write very good.It's incredible that it has a smooth writing although sometimes it leaves a small stain at the beginning, but nothing special.Nice size, very comfortable.Works with my nexus 7
    For 3 USD, it's an excellent pen.You can use any cross or other small refill and you'll have a super pen!Very good for students or teachers (I'm a teacher).
    If you are looking for a black and red pen, small, but not too much that you can carry without problems that is cheap, look no further.You will enjoy this pen very much.
  • Very good for the price

    posted by CanadaCG

    A capacitive stylus and pen, all in one. I like that I can use it on my phone and not smear up the display with finger prints. Mine does not need to be at a full 90-degree angle to use and I've used it on my phone with as little as a 75-degree angle. It's smaller than my finger, so it's more accurate. Also, the pen is very stylish and looks good in my shirt pocket. It is made of metal. The pen seems to write very well.
    For the price, this is an excellent product. I'd pay 2-3 times more for a more sturdy model, but so far, this one is working well, so maybe the thin metal is stronger than I think!
    Overall, a useful tool. Handy to keep finger prints off of your phone and is more accurate than a finger. Price is low too. Worth the few dollars to have one on hand!


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