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screen replacement parts

Buy quality screen replacement parts at our online store at low prices. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Customers who purchased screen replacement parts also viewed parts replacement 4s, 5 replacement parts. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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screen replacement parts Customers Reviews

  • Good if you're willing to replace your shell

    posted by JudithJ

    -Great item if you're willing to take the risk and take apart your DSL
    -Feels just like the original after replacing
    -Works great even after almost a year
    My hinge was broken, so I had to replace it.
    It's really easy to replace this with your old hinge, but it's not easy at all getting to that part. You gotta open your shell completely, and then reassemble it hoping you won't break anything in the process. The thing you should be mostly looking out for are the power and volume buttons. You might snatch these off if you're not careful while reassemling the lower shell.
    Here's a good guide I'd suggest using:
    If you're replacing the hinge, I suppose you're also replacing the shell. Make sure you get a triwing screwdriver.
  • Excellent

    posted by PieterT

    Easy to install. Price has just been reduced - thus very cheap.Does the job perfectly.
    Please note:No glue included to glue it in place - I used a good quality superglue, but only if you use very, very, very small amount - if unsure rather use a contact adhesive or phone specific tape glue.Packaged with protective film on both sides - remember to remove the inside film before installation, and to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, as the film leaves some residue.Be carefull for fingerprints on the inside, otherwise you will have to open the phone again!
    You only need a torx screwdriver, youtube instructions and patience.Very good buy.
  • ds touchscreen

    posted by fantastis

    very good and nice product and not expencive good package fit's well verry easy to install workd emmiddiatly good good good !!!!even i can install it and i have no knogledge of electronics
    noon that i can think of it's a very good buy must buy the screwdrivers for open the ds but you can buy them also at deal-extreme
    nice product for that money must buy if your ds is broken i can get no better and cheaper of this it's much cheaper than a new one when you have the right tools you can fiks it your own
  • w580i

    posted by adlts

    It works, look like genuine. Dont look like plasma
    Funciona, parece original e nao se parece com plasma
    Works with w580i and w580
    funciona com w580i e w580
    buy it if you need a display,
    Voces podem encontra-la no mercado livre por 40 reais, mas nao sei se vai ser da mesma qualidade, melhor, ou pior.
  • Predsedatel

    posted by predsedatel

    inexpensive and high quality replacement corrupt the display. good brightness compared with other non-original counterparts, there is no clipping of pixels on the edges of the screen.
    if you are never changed the display on the phone, it is best to contact the service center or to find a detailed description of the Internet. I first injured his contacts display, had to buy another one.
    recommend it to everybody! of all low-cost replacement displays (my friends and I ordered from different places), this very high quality and cheap.

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