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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase screen protector guard ipad here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. ipad 2 screen protector guard, screen protector guard film ipad may be more suitable for you. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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screen protector guard ipad Customers Reviews

  • smooth touch and good quality for ipad 4

    posted by webnavard

    easy installation of protectorgood and smooth touch sensationfits perfectly without any edges and camera hole ( i use with ipad 4 )it has cleaning cloth too
    best performance in sunlightno fingerprint remains on the screen
    I suggest it because you have a smoter touch with fingers for your ipad. I prefer matte protector because they wont stick to oyur fingers and this one work great with ipad 4
  • Average priced protector for upad

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    The packaging of the protector is very nice, it include all the tools for ease of use. The screen protector material feels very smooth, and it is very clear compared to most cheaper screen protector. It doesn't produce any rainbow effect on the screen.
    If the price could be lower, it will be a good buy.
    It's worth the money compared to many cheaper alternative of screen protector. Nice packaging can be compared to many expensive brand on the market.
  • Protect your pad!

    posted by mkrakstad

    I always use a protection film on my units. This one was just as easy to apply as just about all the other similar products on the market. It's nice and thing, and when applied correctly you don't see it. It feels great to the touch. And it doesn't scratch easily.
    This is a great and inexpensive way to protect the surface of your ipad from scratches. Just be sure to watch a youtube video on how to do it correctly.That way you don't get any bubbles and you don't notice it.
    Isn't your 300 Idevice worth great protection for only 3.50?
  • Screen protection for your iPad

    posted by DBarahona

    -Prevent the screen of your iPad to get scratching or abrasion.-Color is translucent white BUT with a mirror effect, at first seems a problem, but then turned into an advantage with privacy: The screen only looks good at front, is difficult to see it from the side.-You can "install" the product with minimal difficulties, ulike others.
    The cleaning cloth included is deficient, left lint
    My daughter uses the iPad assiduously, and that causes your fingers to be marked across the screen, causing clean the screen regularly.This product does not prevent this, but instead receives the abuse that would otherwise receive the screen directly.And as I always say: If you love your iPad, take care of it.
  • Great deal!

    posted by slayer111

    Very nice quality! Its great on the ipad.Came fastGreat price!The matt is very nice won't effect the screen quality as other products do
    Worth the money, nice qualityVer smooth on the ipad, feels great
    Great deal i would buy it again if needed!Buy two cause its not easy to use and if the first one won't work you would be unhappy to wait again.

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