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screen film 5 Customers Reviews

  • Not so good quality!

    posted by brunols

    It will in fact protect your screen from scratches, you will feel safer, no one can deny that!
    For the priece its "OK", you get 5, it is a good temporary solution.
    You should pay more and get a better one! I did that!
  • Very cheap, it does the work

    posted by worm91

    Of course very cheap . . .It comes in 5 pack, i think they know yo gonna waste one or two in the process of instalation jajaja, i waste only one . . .it fits perfect . . .
    the first i try, get a lot of air bubbles and i cant put it away so i get angry and toss it away, the second fits perfect an got bubbles only on the bottom but it banish away easy . . .
    for the price it's just perfect . . .
  • Good, nice and cheap

    posted by Reiga

    The dimensions are perfect fit to the shape of the screen. The protector has all the gaps. The hollow center button, the speaker hole and that is important, the front of the camera.The material they are made ??is good and strong. Wear protective for more than 3 months and only has a scratch.The guard does not affect the touch screen or sliding the touch.
    The screen saver does its function perfectly. Of the 5 units I have, I've only used one. Over 3 months and still I have no need to change the screen saver. I have decided to give away two, because at this rate I'll never use if both endure.
    It will be the best there is, but it's good, nice and cheap.There are other screen protectors can cost you a lot more money, because it is non-marking or invisible ... It is a screen saver and now this.I recommend
  • Awesome!

    posted by eatmylaptop

    Very cheap, normally we get 3 for 20 euros in a shop here () - pretty good quality - very clear - perfect carve for the front camera and speaker, even better than most shops sell
    It gets shipped in with an Iphone 3s on the package so you do have to open everything to see if it fits, but I had read this before on a review so I wasn't worried. :) also don't pay alot of attention to this one con, because the price makes up for it!
    I strongly recommend this one! Very cheap but still good quality! I was positively suprised by the product!
  • Does as advertised

    posted by hsulace

    A lot cheaper than what they sell here (Usually 10 bucks for only two covers, really expensive considering what it is)No scratches or peeling after few months of useNot bulky and fits under my iPhone skin
    If you get this be sure to clean the screen really well or you'll have weird bubbles under the cover. Other than that it's fine.
    Quite a bargain, if you need covers this is where to get it.

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