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  • Essential to protect your iPhone 3 screen

    posted by cerge87

    Item matches description perfectly.Great to keep your touch screen scratch-free, a must have if you care for your smartphone
    A must have if you plan to hold on to your iPhone for a while.Be sure to clean the screen perfectly before applying the screen protector, otherwise even dust particles are visible
    Affordable, buy one extra just in case if you don't fit it perfectly
  • Not bad

    posted by Yusufnoor

    - It's very cheap- It's easy to install, just put your ipod touch in it- The build quality is good, it won't broke or sumthing- It closes with a little magnet in it so you don't have to worry that your ipod touch will fall out- The magnet works great
    It's for people that don't care a lot about usefulness but do care about fashion. It has a stylish business look and my friends like it. It's worth the money.
    Great product, but I wouldn't buy it a second time.Just because it doesn't fit with my lifestyle.
  • Best cheap screen protector film

    posted by Baycode

    I have to say I love this film. Its application is easy, leaves no bubble underneath. Transparency is excellent! Its like looking directly to the original S2 glass itself. It doesn't attract dirt and dust. I hope it will last too :) Best protector I have tried (I have tried 5 different to date).
    Wish it was sold as pairs.
    Always super-clean ypur screen before application. Any oil, dirt and even the tiniest dust spec will ruin the application and leave a bubble underneath. If any dust sticks underneath the film while application "do not try to remove it with your finger or nails"! Just stick it (take it) from the place by the help of a small transparent adhesive tape piece. That's the trick ;) Never touch the underneath part of the transparent film.
  • Amazing!

    posted by jvitoramaral

    This product is just unbelievable. I mean, of course the iPod nano is tiny, but 5 screen protectors? It seems like a deal too good to be true. But man, its not. The screen protectors have the kind of quality we expect to see when we buy one, and each comes in a separate package - with its own microfiber cleaning cloth!
    This is probably the best deal i made so far here in Dealextreme. And i buy here like every other month so..
    Do you have An iPod nano 7th gen? You still didn't get a screen protector? Buddy, what are you waiting for??
  • Nice gimmick!

    posted by n1ghtelf

    Well talking about gimmicks you can not bring up real Pros. My girlfriend uses is when she forgets her Mirror at home.
    It also does what i says it protects the Screen from scratches, while it was on my phone it fell down two times and the screen didn't get any scratches on it. Its is really difficult to place it on your cell phone you really need time and nerves to do that, however hard i tried to clean the screen there where stil some small bubbles left on the screen.
    Nice gimmick but not really necessary.

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