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scale rc Customers Reviews

  • Good quality, low price

    posted by Baddbboy

    This pieces are the original HPS 122037. They are aluminium built in. I'm from spain, and I have it at home in three weeks. They come in a original HSP bag. I want to upgrade my plastic parts, but I saw exactly this parts for 8$ or 10$ in other websites.
    They arrive to me in blue color, like the image. I don't know if you can order in any other color.
    Good original product for a little price.
  • An absolute riot!

    posted by Sokonomi

    This car is an absolute riot! Has beepy steering, its plenty fast for its scale, and the unsuspected "booster" shoulderbutton is a total hoot. The bodywork decals and paintjob are sublime, something thats very rare on cheap toys like this. Batterytime on the car is pretty good. Even the display box it comes in is a pleasure to store it in, as these small things can quicky get lost.
    The lights are even one directional. Headlights go off when youre backing up, taillights come on. Really cute to drive around with in a dimmed light room.
    Noice isnt as horrid as I was expecting it to be from these small cars eighter (think windup toy).
    Also, it turned out to be a little bigger then expected, but to positive effect!
    I was truely amazed at the quality I got for the measily price I had to pay for it. Im thinking of collecting the whole set now. ;)
    If you have a bored kid, or maybe youre an RC nut like me, and you have some spare money on paypal, grab one!
  • Neat little car

    posted by Zhooibaal

    Looks coolEasy to controlQuick to chargeEasy to trimCool lightsFairly quick for it's size
    The build quality of the car seems allright, especially for it's price, but the build quality of the transmitter is pretty bad. But I guess that when it's handled to right way, it will last it's time.
    Driving this little car around is good fun and it's cool looking on top of that. It's slightly larger than I initially expected, but it's small enough to drive around a realy tight room.
  • Great Product

    posted by Sirfartsalot-z4

    Very fun. Easy to control and also has a "turbo" button which is the white button on the side. Easy to charge. Great toy.
    Lights turn on when driving.
    Great price.
    Fun toy.
    Great price.
    Buy it.
  • Fun

    posted by franckcor

    Good small r/c car, the speed is good for this type of toy.White front light and red light on the rear.Blue light on the car.Strong (many falls and always OK).Cheap.
    If you open the car, you will see that the engine and batteries are surprisingly small.

    No batteries included, you need 4 AA.

    I use rechargeables batteries but primary works too.
    Cheap but strong.

    I like play with this at school :).

    If you want a small and cheap R/C car, it will be a good choice.

    If you have a cat or a dog, take care because the engine is small so it can't work if some hair are on the gears.

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