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scale precision 0.1g

These cool scale precision 0.1g are high quality and at affordable prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. With your support, we can do better.

scale precision 0.1g Customers Reviews

  • A good buy

    posted by tvalinho

    It is lightweight and portable, as well as its view of blue light makes viewing in different lighting conditions, the plastic cover that protects the scale of impacts and works with two AAA batteries which besides being pathic makes it very light and economical. Comes with a small layer of cloth on the inside and plastic on the outside and protects it also has scratches and cracks.
    A good buy for low price
    In Brazil, a similar costs 8x this value!
  • Small and functional

    posted by psoeting

    After unpacking I was surprised by the contents, a well written manual, 2 batteries and all neatly packed.
    The scale does it's job just fine, no need to calibrate or anything. It's pretty handy with functions like netto weight and multiple types of indications (grams, ounces etc).
    None really, it does what it's supposed to do with easy usage. It's a pretty well built thing really.
    If it's what you need, get it!
  • Just What I Needed. Perfect.

    posted by lightninghog

    Unbeatable price. Worked out of the box. Solid protection cover. Easy to read and follow User Manual pasted inside the cover - where you need it most of the time. Large numerals with backlight for dark environments. 2kg maximum is huge. I have never shipped anything as heavy as that. Four modes with g, oz, gn, and ct means it doesn't matter if you are metric or not.
    Its not a pocket scale but compact enough to carry in your hand or a bag. Create your own 1000g calibration weight using a plastic container and ball bearings. Check it for accuracy at several Post Office self-service machines and at your friendly jeweller.
    Buy it. It's at the sweet spot in terms of price, capacity, and size.
  • Does not measure Grains

    posted by qooasian

    This scale does what its supposed to do. It measures in grams, ounces, ozt, and dwt.
    I load ammo and everything is measured in grains. I wish this had matched its description.The manual it comes with describes this as being model 500, when the description matches model 100 (the one I needed.)Does not come with a calibration weight, so you might have to buy one seperately.
    It's a good scale for other more common measurements.
  • sweeeeet unit

    posted by ruggb

    HUGE range from 0.1g to 3000g - lit display - I wouldn't call it backlit but maybe it is, the digits appear to be lit individually, are very bright, but u can see then when the lighting goes off. Many functions. they are all listed elsewhere. very sensitive. definitely worth it - get 18110 as it is less pricey.
    don't try to use this under a fan. It will look very unstable. For the Americans who don't do grams, it resolves to 0.01 oz which is about the weight of 4 postage stamps. When u try to weight something so small it takes a few seconds to respond and u might think it is to small to weight.
    If u need to measure things in this range it is perfect.

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