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scale pocket 500g Customers Reviews

  • Does not measure Grains

    posted by qooasian

    This scale does what its supposed to do. It measures in grams, ounces, ozt, and dwt.
    I load ammo and everything is measured in grains. I wish this had matched its description.The manual it comes with describes this as being model 500, when the description matches model 100 (the one I needed.)Does not come with a calibration weight, so you might have to buy one seperately.
    It's a good scale for other more common measurements.
  • good scale

    posted by F1veCharacters

    -Over all good build quality.-Easy to use interface with well lit display.-Manageable size, approximately size of palm. very portable.-Very good looking scale with the ability to hide the screen and buttons makes the scale look very clean.
    This is a good scale at a good price with the only drawback being that the flip out display is vulnerable to being snapped off if careless.
  • Small durable scales.

    posted by wolfsangel

    Great looking,very small, and durable. Come together with small manual in english. Have two batteries in packing. Very precise: were tested with sertified goverment standarts. Nice design, transparent cover, protect scaling platform from the strikes, during trasportation.
    If you see something like Lo, on the screen, and weights, after that turns off, don't panic. Just change the batteries.
    I have got the thing, that I need for a good money.
  • Can be precise. but only after calibration.

    posted by StanTheMan1

    Small. Can measure up to 500g.Can be quite precise: +/-0.06g after calibration.
    Calibration procedure is described on a sticker under top cover with mistakes.It says that you need something with the exact weight of 500g. In fact you'll need 300g and 500g weigths.
    Usefull. Can be quite precise after calibration.
  • Scale

    posted by Hekuz

    -Reasonable price-Compact size-You can measure in many units as grains, carats, grams, ounces..-Exactly, mine came with batteries-wide range to measure, good for bigger jewellery, metals, powders-Blue lit screen, easy to read.
    -The quality and made could be little more solid, but it works for me and this price.-Got my scale calibration messed up when I had it in my pocket. I think the buttons to calibrate got squeeged by me and changed the values and I couldnt re-calibrate it with my 5g weight.
    Useful scale for DIY people. Precise scale comes handy in many situations.


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