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  • Very fast end easy

    posted by rikpereira

    Very well made with metal structure.Full independent suspensionResistant and flexible castGood remote controlEasy to control and operateVery resistant
    It is very good RC, easy to operate and it is very fast for an electrical motor.
    It is a really fast RC to be used in all terrain and fast enough for this kind of terrain. Lot of jumps and cliffs to trespass.Go for it
  • My first RC car

    posted by kapuciz

    +Very fast for small electro motor
    +Great build quality
    +Lots of LEDs
    +Wide controlled range
    +Great fun
    As my first RC car, I am satisfied - played with it for about week, and now it lays in wardrobe.
    Overall great, cheap RC - to be ones first RC :)
    Get it, if you want cheap RC and if you want your cat to go nuts :D
  • Really nice R/C car

    posted by decopirado

    It is simply fantastic. Very nice to give as gift. The case is very nice and protect against drops and dust. It goes really fast when the turbo button is pressed. And the greatest thing is that is possible to charge the car in the remote control. Great Idea! You dont need to bring charges and cables with you.
    The battery could last a little more but you have the option to charge in the control. The control design could be better.
    If you like R/C stuffs buy this item and enjoy this one. The lights are very bright.
  • Good quality, low price

    posted by Baddbboy

    This pieces are the original HPS 122037. They are aluminium built in. I'm from spain, and I have it at home in three weeks. They come in a original HSP bag. I want to upgrade my plastic parts, but I saw exactly this parts for 8$ or 10$ in other websites.
    They arrive to me in blue color, like the image. I don't know if you can order in any other color.
    Good original product for a little price.
  • cool racer

    posted by lucon

    Nice packaging, Came in a solid plastic display case. It is a well built car. Every thing worked and is relatively easy to control with the remote. The remote control is comfortable to use and works up to a reasonable distance. All lights worked.
    This is a perfect present for young and old kids who are into RC toys. More of an indoor type RC I thought
    If you want to get your kids into RC toys then one of these is a good place to start. Cheap, reliable and well made. A good buy.

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